Postcards from Innistrad: The Basics

Posted in Savor The Flavor on November 23, 2011

By Adam Lee

It was a few months ago when Doug took you all on a trip through the nonbasic lands of Innistrad. Now the moon is safely waning again, just enough light to give you another glimpse of this world fraught with fear.

    Not-so-Basic Lands

Basic lands set the scene, they are the backdrop on which all the creatures, spells, enchantments and planeswalkers do their thing. This makes the basic lands a sauce that permeates the entire dish and subtly (or not so subtly) gives all us flavor gastronauts an overall sensory experience for the set.

A great deal of thought went in to the visualization of the basic lands to create tension and emotion for Innistrad. Jeremy Jarvis, Magic art director, wanted the camera eye to always be looking up at the landscapes whenever possible, which would generate an unconscious feeling of smallness. He also wanted a cloak of mist to obscure the eye from seeing distance or elevation, which again creates that cloying claustrophobia and dread of the unknown monster, lurking in the fog.

Did I mention that Jeremy loves horror movies?

As you look at these snapshots of a world wrapped in gloom and dread, put a little attention within yourself and see if there is a small part of you that begins to feel a little uneasy and is thankful that the lights are on.

Are your eyes adjusted to the gloom yet? Excellent. Let's go explore Innistrad's basic lands!

Doug played tour guide in his article. This time, we'll get a glimpse into the ground-level horrors of life on Innistrad.

That's all the basic lands in Innistrad. I hope this little tale of adventure and peril sheds some light on some of its locales, its denizens, and their struggles. As the story unfolds, we will see what happens to these desperate humans in their fight for survival. All I can say is it's going to be all kinds of über-tasty flavor!

The question is: will it be the flavor of sweet, sweet human blood or glorious, flag-fluttering victory? Stay tuned!

Doug will be back next week to lay down more of his flavorful kung fu stylings. In the meantime, keep a freshly pruned wooden stake under your pillow and be sure to sleep lightly.

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