Postcards from Innistrad: The Nonbasics

Posted in Savor The Flavor on September 21, 2011

Sure, lands, whatever. You play one of them per turn. You turn them sideways, and you get some mana, and then you cast the cards you're really interested in.

Boo, I say. Bewww.


For the Creative Team, lands are an indispensible visual journey through our currently visited plane. They're the "here" that we "wish you were." That's why we're going to take some time today and visit the locales of Innistrad as travelers.

Now, you might not think of Innistrad as that great for tourists. I mean, they have roadside shrines every few miles so that you can re-bathe yourself in the blessings of a divine archangel, so that the thirty-seven types of extant supernatural abomination don't all immediately throw the rock-paper-scissors to see which of them gets to claw out your trachea.

But thanks to the efforts of our freaking talented artists, Innistrad is candy for the eyeballs. Once you see some of these postcards, you too will wish you were here. Today we'll focus on the nonbasic lands of Innistrad. Sometime soon we'll hit the beautiful basics as well.

That's all the nonbasic lands in Innistrad, so that's all the locales I'll visit this week. Tune in for the second half of this article in a few weeks, where I'll explore the significance—and show off the pretty art—of Innistrad's basic lands too. There are definitely some secrets that aren't obvious from the art of those innocuous-looking basics.

Have a great time at the Innistrad prerelease, folks (click the big ol' banner directly below the Letter of the Week for information about the prerelease). Next week: A new entry in the Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad!

    Letter of the Week

Today's letter... yeah, I don't know. Maybe this means something to you guys. Weirdest spam I ever got.

118th of Hunter's Moon, Ava. 718


K.R.'s wife came to see me today. She says he was taken by the militia last night. They have him in the stocks outside the River Barracks. She will plead to the Master Cathar this morning. So far, she does not want me to intervene.

Please notify I. B. and Whip. I will arrange for a food package to be delivered to the barracks.

Watch yourself, friend.


Okay, note to self. Contact Tech Services and get my email checked.

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