Sealed Deck 2: Anchans

Posted in NEWS on December 29, 2015

Josh Bennett

Anchans are a one-time juggernaut, assembled for the benefit of Rookie of the Year hopeful Katsuhiro Mori. The fledgling superstar is joined by Team Limited specialist Itaru Ishida of Tokyo Masters Finalists Panzer Hunters, and 1999 APAC finalist Osamu Fujita. Together, they hope to earn Mori some Pro Points before the last hurrah at Worlds.

Looking over the cardlist that Anchans had to work with, the only thing that jumps out at you is that nothing jumps out at you. The only real "Bomb" they have is Thornscape Master, and they didn't double-up on any of the outrageous Invasion commons, like Agonizing Demise or Exclude. Their removal line is good but not great, and they have their fair share of quality creatures.

However, they didn't get their reputations as great players by being handed broken decks. Mori was confident that the three decks they assembled were winners. Here's what they built:

Osamu Fujita, A

Download Arena Decklist

Itaru Ishida, B

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Katsuhiro Mori, C

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