Posted in NEWS on May 24, 2014

By Olle Rade

Swedish powerhouse Denniz Rachid might be known for making the top 8 at both Pro Tour Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored a few years back. But what few people know is that his combined limited record at those events was 11–1, certainly making him a limited specialist. Although he admits not getting in as much draft and sealed deck practice as he used to, it was with familiar moves he took on our exercise pool to build a deck of it.

"White looks nice," was the first thing he exclaimed, looking through the pile of cards, while sorting out cards he rates as unplayable, like Fleetfeather Sandals and Evanescent Intellect.

When he got a closer look at the colors however, it was clear that Green was the color that stood out as the strongest, containing the two rares Arbor Colossus and Scourge of Skola Vale. "The pool even has a Mischief and Mayhem, which is my friend Kenny Öbergs favorite card in the format," he said, admitting however that it might be better in draft than in sealed.

After acknowledging Green to be as good as it was, Rachid's set his eyes on Blue. He explained how he's always looks to build Green/Blue if Green is good enough, as the colors complement each other nicely. "Good curve, along with good creatures and hopefully some bounce is what I think is the strongest archetype in sealed deck," he explained.

The Blue looked like it was just what Rachid was looking for as it had interaction in the form of Sudden Storm and Voyage's End along with tricks like Aerial Formation and Triton Tactics to go with the creatures that fit good on curve with the Green monsters. In the end the the Swede topped off his deck with borderline cards like Pillar of War (over Breaching Hippocamp) and opting to play Crypsis over Savage Surge.

Finally, after tinkering with the Green/Blue build, Denniz took a final glance at the other colors, seeing if he had missed anything. White didn't really have anything, Black just had a few appealing cards and Red was never really in contention. After looking at his build, the Gold Pro Level chaser sighed and explained how wished he had opened this pool for the actual Grand Prix."This is really the sort of deck I was looking for, but unfortunately my own pool isn't as strong."

Denniz Rachid

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