Sealed Deck Building with Antonio Del Moral León

Posted in ARCHIVES - ARTICLES on September 12, 2015

By Oliver Gehrmann

Antonio Del Moral León has gone were no Spaniard has gone before—he won a Pro Tour, earlier this year in Washington, D.C.! On top of that, he put up another great finish back in May when he reached the Top 8 of Grand Prix Paris. This weekend, he traveled from Córdoba to the Spanish capital in the hopes of adding another impressive result to his quickly growing résumé.

Choosing Colors in Sealed

His first color of choice was white, where he found a great end game with, among others, Sentinel of the Eternal Watch. He didn't find anything in the color for his early game, though, so he had to go searching in other colors. Over the course of the following minutes, he went back and forth, trying to pair up different colors with the white core of his deck that he seemingly had settled on. He started with black, another promising color, but he put it away to instead try out some other viable options.

Del Moral León agonized over his options.

You could tell that Del Moral León was having a hard time; he added green cards to his white core, among them powerful spells like Wild Instincts, Titanic Growth, and Might of the Masses. He pondered over it, going over possible ways that a game might play out in his head, but in the end, he opted against this game plan as well.

He then went over his blue cards: Jhessian Thief, Maritime Guard, Bone to Ash, Disperse, and Ringwarden Owl didn't quite look like they would be strong enough to carry him through the day. He put the pile on the side and let out a sigh.

Next, he tried following a completely different path, mixing his green cards with black cards, discarding white for a moment. While the curve looked solid, he now had no good way to finish games. So this alternative didn't seem like a good choice either and that's when the judge approached Del Moral León's table.

Back to Square One

The judge told him that there were just five minutes remaining on the clock! Del Moral León decided it would be best to stick with his original idea, adding the black cards to his white core.

Time was not on Del Moral León's side.

It looked like he had a pretty decent curve going on, with black creatures like Fetid Imp, Shambling Ghoul, Deadbridge Shaman, and Eyeblight Assassin keeping him in the game over the course of the first few turns and his white end game being able to wrap things up if an opponent was able to go toe to toe with him.

He also had some decent removal with Reave Soul and Weight of the Underworld, while Read the Bones would be able to improve the consistency of his deck. Overall, the deck looked solid, even though Del Moral León was not too impressed. Clearly, he would have preferred a pool that allowed for a slightly more straightforward approach and that didn't give him so many headaches trying (and often failing) to match colors.

Just when time was called for the deck building portion, the Spaniard had written down the last card on his decklist. He interpreted that as a good sign, deciding that it would be best to simply make the most of the cards he had been dealt.


If his round-four feature match was any indication, he was in pretty good shape. After all, he managed to overpower Italy's very own Marco Cammilluzzi 2-1! It was going to be interesting to see how far he would be able to go today and whether he'd be able to lock up a spot in the second day ...