Sealed Deck Building with Nico Bohny

Posted in NEWS on June 28, 2014

By Tobi Henke

Hailing from Switzerland, the always affable Nico Bohny hasn't been to many events this season (but still managed to achieve Silver in the Pro Players Club) and it's always so nice to chat with him that I immediately took the chance when I ran into him. With two Pro Tour Top 8s and a Grand Prix win under his belt, he's also among the more talented players in the room, and what's more—he was still quite excited about the format. "Theros Block Limited is awesome," said Bohny. "I've seen so many interesting Sealed pools this weekend. There's always a lot of room to maneuver and some complicated decisions to be made."

In fact, his own pool for this event had been tricky to build as well. "I usually start by laying out all the colors, then decide on the best," Bohny explained. "But this time all the colors were really close, and things were further complicated by some gold cards and especially by the necessity to include enough targeted effects for the heroic creatures."

Chosing white as his first main color was still easy enough, what with Elspeth, Sun's Champion and a number of strong 2-drops, but finding the best fit proved difficult. "White-black would have been a deck to my taste," he mused wistfully. "But despite some splashy highlights the combination didn't really gel, especially since black added even more heroic creatures in Bloodcrazed Hoplite but no support."

He was also tempted by the gods, one God in particular. "Splashing Keranos, God of Storms via Temple of Triumph into a possible white-blue deck was another option I sadly had to rule out," Bohny sighed.

"Blue had some solid if unspectacular cards," Bohny explained, "but again: War-Wing Siren and no targeted effects. And as I said, white was already a little short on these."

The rest of the red cards soon joined Keranos on the sidelines, and that left green which, according to Bohny, "offered the best synergies with white, enough material overall, and also some sweet standout cards. Look here!"

He quickly added, "OK, to be honest, Karametra was more, like, the twenty-third card, a last minute inclusion I'm still not entirely sure about." But one thing Bohny knew for certain: "The deck is fine, clearly above average. I think I like my chances here."