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Posted in Magic Online New Players on July 7, 2014

Whether you’re looking to finish up a deck or just want to find the cards you need for your collection, you can use the Search Tool feature to make trading faster and easier.

Using Your Wish List

Adding cards to your Wish List will make them easier to find during trading later. To add cards to your Wish List, start by clicking the Collection button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. To edit your Wish List, click Binders in the Decks & Binders pane, then click Wish List.

Use the options in the Filters pane to display cards that you want for your collection. If you don’t have a given card already in your collection, slide the left slider in the Quantity menu to 0 to make it visible.

Simply double-click or drag any number of cards from the Matches pane to the Wish List pane to add it to your Wish List. If you want multiple copies of a card, simply add multiple copies to the Wish List. As each card is added or removed, or when you acquire cards on your Wish List, it’s automatically saved and updated.

The Wish List allows you to make distinctions between different versions of cards. If you add the promotional version of Bident of Thassa to your Wish List, for example, using the Wish List with the Search Tool won’t show you the version from the Theros set.

Once you have the cards you’re looking for in your Wish List, you’re ready to find those cards in a trade quickly!

Search Tools in Trading

The Search Tool in Magic Online allows you to find any number of cards in your trade partner’s active binder at once. To use this tool, first open up a trade with another player. Then click the Search Tool button in the Partner’s Trade Binder pane.

To search for the cards in your Wish List, click Select Wish List in the Search Tools dialog box. This will automatically add all cards on your Wish List to your trade request.

From the Search Tools dialog box, you can also select a deck to search with. This can be either a deck you created or imported in the Collection scene or one you import with the Import Deck button.

Using either of these methods, selecting a deck will search your trade partner’s available cards. Any available cards that you still need to complete your deck will be added to your trade request. If your trade partner has all 75, you could potentially complete an entire deck in a single quick trade!

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