Selecting Eighth Edition

Posted in Feature on July 25, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe, Content Manager

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I received an email from one of my old Magic teammates regarding the results of one of the previous Eighth Edition votes a few weeks ago. "I strongly suspect this is fixed," he said, hinting that the "weaker" card winning was not a realistic possibility in his eyes.

You hurt my feelings. If R&D wanted a particular card in or out of the set, they'd just put it in, and there wouldn't even be a vote. There's no elaborate setup here, folks; all there results are pure 100% public opinion.

That said, hang on to your Birds of Paradise.

Which cards should be in Eighth Edition?    
Birds of Paradise and Vine Trellis 7385 69.50%
Llanowar Elves and Utopia Tree 3238 30.50%
Total 10623 100%
Which Spined Wurm art should be in Eighth Edition?    
Stronghold 6191 66.60%
Seventh Edition 3099 33.40%
Total 9290 100%

You have spoken, and by a 2-to-1 differential, Birds and Vine Trellis beat out Llanowar Elves and Utopia Tree. Vine Trellis will be going into Eighth as the Elves' replacement. Keith Parkinson's Spined Wurm also cruised to victory.

This week's vote pits two cards against one another that are really quite similar, except one has an extra line of text that tacks onto the mana cost. So the question boils down to… Uncounterable or no?

Ice Age's Jokulhaups vs. Invasion's Obliterate. Choose your favorite red reset. Should be interesting.

The flavor text submission will be run a little differently. This week, we're accepting submissions for persecute, which will feature D. Alexander Gregory's art from Urza's Saga. But this time, we want real-world literary quotes. Here's a chance for all you real-world fans to shine.

Two rules:

  • The flavor text should be from a source at least 100 years old, for copyright reasons. The older, the better.
  • The source should be clearly attributed, so it can be verified and credited.

You can submit your quote here.

This week's art choice is for a blue enchantment, Steal Artifact. The choice is between John Coulthart's Fifth Edition piece, and Peter Bollinger's from Seventh Edition.

All these votes will be up for two weeks, and don't forget, you can still vote on Kismet vs. Pariah vs. Worship and art for Goblin Chariot here.

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