Selecting Eighth Edition

Posted in Feature on August 22, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe, Content Manager

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Well, here we are--the last set of card and art votes. There will still be updates for the next couple weeks as we tie up loose ends with the flavor text submissions as well as the basic land art vote, but consider this installment #12 of 12.

As for the vote that just wrapped up… Natural Affinity won out big over Nature's Revolt. I guess Revolt had its opportunity in the base set and never really amounted to much, so the players are ready to try out the instant version.

As for the art… the Tempest Shatter proved to be the favorite, beating out the "exploding Manakin" and the "Gallagher Goblin."

Which card should be in Eighth Edition?    
Natural Affinity 5290 60.40%
Nature's Revolt 3462 39.60%
Total 8752 100%
Which Shatter art should be in Eighth Edition?    
Tempest 3924 39.60%
Fifth Edition 2313 27.40%
Seventh Edition 2210 26.10%
Total 8447 100%

The flavor text submissions will be up for a few more days, but for the most part we're trying to dig through all the submissions. Here are a few words from Rei Nakazawa, one of out creative text guys:

"You're probably wondering where the votes for flavor text are. Well, with so many entries to go through, in addition to working on creative elements for the expansions, it's been hard to keep up. Plus, a slight computer glitch ended up scrambling some of the earlier entries, so we've had to work that out as well.

"Don't despair! All six flavor text votes will be up very soon!"

Stupid computers. Never trust 'em.

The last art vote is between two versions of the blue hoser Boil, the first from Tempest, and the second from Seventh Edition.

As for the last card vote… I'll play devil's advocate here. Glorious Anthem would be ten times better than Crusade if it weren't for that troublesome "" in the top corner. Crusade never let you attack for one with a Birds of Paradise or have an unkillable Phantom Centaur. But Crusade does have history on its side, as many a small white creature has attacked for extra damage because of it. It's a classic battle between cost and symmetry: Glorious Anthem or Crusade? Which one should be in Eighth Edition?

Hopefully these votes have given you a window into the kinds of decisions that R&D makes when building a base set. Cast your vote here for these two new polls, as well as the Rabid Wombat/Yavimaya Enchantress vote and the Trained Armodon art vote, and stay tuned as we announce the winners, the top flavor text submissions, and the basic land art votes!

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