Selecting Eighth Edition

Posted in Feature on September 17, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe, Content Manager

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Rabid Wombat is one of those cards that is a little sillier than we normally like to print, but we understand that people have an attachment to it, and we're perfectly willing to put it into Eighth Edition. Similarly, Crusade was rotated out of the base set, partially due to power level concerns, but with white needing a kick-start, we could see it coming back.

The dust has settled, and it seems you all have other ideas. Nostalgia, please have a seat.

Yavimaya Enchantress and Glorious Anthem beat out their older siblings, and neither contest was particularly close. I'll leave the "whys" and "hows" to other speculative writers around the 'Net; I'm just here with the facts. (And the fact is, an 0/1 for is pretty awful when you think about it.)

Nostalgia saved face by winning both art votes, with Tempest versions of Trained Armodon and Boil getting the nod.

Which card should be in Eighth Edition?    
Yavimaya Enchantress 6534 60.20%
Rabid Wombat 4324 39.80%
Total 10858 100%
Which Trained Armodon art should be in Eighth Edition?    
Tempest 7898 78.70%
Seventh Edition 2142 21.30%
Total 10040 100%
Which card should be in Eighth Edition?    
Glorious Anthem 6402 65.80%
Crusade 3327 34.20%
Total 9729 100%
Which Boil art should be in Eighth Edition?   
Tempest 6804 81.10%
Seventh Edition 1582 18.90%
Total 8386 100%

Stay tuned for the flavor text and basic land votes, coming up after we finish our Onslaught previews!

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