Selecting Eighth Edition Wrapup

Posted in Feature on November 25, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe, Content Manager

Well, it's time to wrap up our "Selecting Eighth Edition" promo. R&D is putting the finishing touches on the set, the editing department is giving it a good scrubbing, and all the flavor text and art choices made by those of you that participated in our polls are being dropped into place.

So let's go over everything that has happened over the past too-many months.

Individual Card Votes

The main draw of the promotion was the ability to select which one of a pair (or sometimes more) of cards would go into Eighth Edition, and which would be left on the sidelines. These were decisions that R&D was debating making themselves, but realized it would be more interesting to let the players decide instead. The winners:

Some of the votes were exciting and close, others were blowouts, and others were met with a level of chagrin from the players. (Many people lamented the Birds vs. Elves vote, but it perfectly illustrates the difficult decisions R&D makes every day.) And some of the results surprised even us--we all thought Crusade was a shoo-in!

Individual Art Votes

Running concurrently with the card votes were twelve votes that let players choose which of two illustrations would be used on some of the cards in the set. The winners:

In most cases, players preferred the original card art to the reprint art, but in some instances (most notably Phyrexian Colossus), the newer art won.

Flavor Text Submissions/Votes

The next phase was flavor text. We accepted fan-submitted text for six cards (two of which had to be real-world material), and then our creative department pulled out the best submissions and put them to a popular vote. The vote winners will appear on the cards in Eighth Edition.

Aladdin's Ring

Flavor Text Submission Submitted By Voting Results
A good lamp will light your way. A good ring will clear it. --attributed to Aladdin's jeweler. Pale Mage 1395 18.24%
In his hand lay the ring. And in the ring, lay Death. Rolias Noom 1222 15.98%
When it was time to divide the spoils from the dungeon, they foolishly laughed at the young mage for choosing a humble ring. Fred Cole 1045 13.66%
Who needs the other two wishes when I have this? Zaphkiel 1011 13.22%
Crafted from desert sand/ Carved with desert wind/ Carrying a desert's death John Johansen 871 11.39%
With power comes responsibility… Aladdin never was that responsible. Andy Weisenfeld 652 8.53%
Aside from the smell of charred flesh, Aladdin rather liked his new ring. Marissa 581 7.60%
With this ring I thee slay... John Moxley 329 4.30%
It took the wizard years to obtain the famed treasure, but only seconds to reduce his enemies to sad remains. Jens Mueller 287 3.75%
It grants all wishes of pain. Eric Anderson 255 3.33%
Totals:   7648 100.00%

After going through editing, here is the quote as it will appear on the card:

"A good lamp will light your way. A good ring will clear it.”
—Nervan, royal jeweler

Nervan is the name of the jeweler that sold Aladdin the ring in 1001 Arabian Nights. Ok, no it wasnt. We made it up.

Orcish Artillery

Flavor Text Submission Submitted By Voting Results
So, they want to kill my men. Well, Two can play that game. --Orcish General William Reed 2253 33.63%
Glok felt one glorious moment of pride just before he smashed the gate open with his face. [Anonymous] 790 11.79%
To the orcs, stealth technology simply meant placing a gag over the mouth of the ammunition. David Elkind 722 10.78%
The second most common cause of Orc death. Natural causes comes in 34th. Toby Wachter 590 8.81%
This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me... or was it the other way around? Brian Fayce 496 7.40%
Now accepting donations of ammunition. Pots, pans, broken yard tools, naughty children, anything will do! --Orcish Council of War [Anonymous] 419 6.25%
The artillery was an excellent device for judging distances by how long the ammunition screamed. Wayne Mittlestead 417 6.22%
Fly like an eagle, fall like a rock. Antti Salmi 417 6.22%
Further research confirms that the thin one not only are easier to tie and load up, but also go higher and farther. --Orcish Research Center (ORC) Amanda 348 5.19%
All of a sudden, the pieces--the all-rock diet, the "flying lessons"--fell together for Korgex. He screamed. Robert Butts 248 3.70%
Totals:   6700 100.00%

Editing cleaned the quote up as such:

“So they want to kill my men? Well two can play at that game.”
—General Khurzog

That's great stuff. General Khurzog was an Orc general from Fallen Empires flavor text, resurrected for duty on this card.


Flavor Text Submission Submitted By Voting Results
Of all the tyrannies on human kind / The worst is that which persecutes the mind. --John Dryden, “The Hind and the Panther” Rob Myers 1562 24.08%
“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.” --William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure Kelly Reid 1173 18.09%
“What is their hatred but a proof that I am speaking the truth? Hence has arisen the prejudice against me.” --Plato, Apology Scott A. (GoatLord) 1112 17.14%
“‘I’ll be the judge, I’ll be the jury,’ said cunning old Fury, ‘I’ll try the whole cause, and condemn you to death.’” --Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Timothy Coates 1002 15.45%
“What other dungeon is so dark as one’s own heart? What other jailer so inexorable as one’s self?” --Nathaniel Hawthorne, The House of Seven Gables Tiabeth 954 14.71%
“Is it decreed that one half of the flock should be the persecutor of the other?” --Marquis de Sade Mary Van Tyne 443 6.83%
“At once as far as Angels kenn he views / The dismal Situation waste and wild, / A Dungeon horrible, on all sides round” --John Milton, Paradise Lost Don Lee 240 3.70%
Totals:   6486 100.00%

After finding a physical copy of the original source material, editing will be putting this version on the card:

“Of all the tyrannies on humane kind / The worst is that which persecutes the mind.”
—John Dryden, “The Hind and the Panther”

Note that some of the original archaic spelling has been restored. For those interested, John Dryden was an English critic, playwright, and poet laureate that lived in the late 1600s, and was the most celebrated literary figure of the Restoration.

Verduran Enchantress

Flavor Text Submission Submitted By Voting Results
Graceful? Yes. Beautiful? Absolutely. Harmless? Definitely not. --Fyndhorn elder Seraph 1245 20.00%
There is a fine line between nature and magic, and the enchantress is the one who draws it. Petey Gee 1075 17.27%
She rewards illusion with reality. Daniel Lee 926 14.88%
All I ask for is a leaf. In return, I will give you a tree. David Gionet 879 14.12%
The wind sings her name, while her foes scream it. maverick2006 515 8.27%
She will show you many things, but few are within your reach. Matt Robinson 459 7.37%
To one in tune with magic, wizards are not a threat, but rather a vein of power waiting to be tapped. --Siren, Verduran mystic Drew Johnston 442 7.10%
She could tell you how everything came to be. She could undo everything as well, if only she had a reason. Matt Bettine 238 3.82%
A whip made of silk can still do harm. Llanowar_Necromancer 233 3.74%
Her innocence is an illusion. If she had her way, the world would be overrun with all manner of pernicious flora -- to the eventual extinction of humankind. Neil Melville 212 3.41%
Totals:   6224 100.00%

The quote as it will appear on the card:

“Graceful? Yes. Beautiful? Absolutely. Harmless? Definitely not.”
—Fyndhorn elder

The attribution to "Fyndhorn elder" was done by the editing department before the vote began.


Flavor Text Submission Submitted By Voting Results
It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected. --Mark Twain Zach Efland 2234 40.56%
A wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy. One cartload of the enemy's provisions is equivalent to twenty of one's own. --Sun Tzu, The Art or War Ken Hubbard 1307 23.73%
Amongst so many borrowed things, I am glad if I can steal one, disguising and altering it for some new service. --Michel de Montaigne, "Of Physiognomy" John Carter 423 7.68%
Is it not a saying in everyone's mouth, Possession is half of the law: that is, regardless of how the thing came into possession? But often possession is the whole of the law. --Herman Melville, Moby Dick David Welsh 415 7.53%
An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit. --Pliny the Younger, Letters Jean-Louis Despres 345 6.26%
All that spirits desire, spirits attain. --Kahlil Gibran, "The Poet of Baalbek" Adam Augusta 262 4.76%
Poverty wants some things, luxury many, avarice all. --Abraham Cowley, "Of Avarice" David Warner 259 4.70%
No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else. --Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend Matt Hay 209 3.79%
I glory more in the cunning purchase of my wealth than in the glad possession, since I gain no common way. . . . --Ben Jonson, Volpone (1606) Paul Pittman 54 0.98%
Totals:   5508 100.00%

As a fan of real-world flavor text, I must say I am tickled with this quote.

“It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected.”
—Mark Twain,
More Maxims of Mark

For the handful that don't know, Mark Twain (penname of Samuel Longhorne Clemens) was one of the great American authors of the nineteenth century. His most popular works include Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Serra Angel

Flavor Text Submission Submitted By Voting Results
When she flies above the good, they consider themselves blessed. When she flies above the wicked, they consider themselves dead. Steve Sanislo 1078 16.31%
She is justice without words, and words can do her no justice. Lewis Himelhoch 778 11.77%
Her beauty equals her strength. Her strength equals her will. Her will is limitless. Louis Doan 747 11.30%
Those who are evil are called so because they destroy. Those who are good are called so for no different reason. zeppelinrules 728 11.01%
The necromancer felt three things: a blinding light in his left eye, a feather's stroke on his left cheek, and a piercing blow in his left lung. Carlos Corti 710 10.74%
Eternal vigilance, eternal grace. J.T. Yull 651 9.85%
Don't fear justice. Fear me. Kirk Jentoft 642 9.71%
Doom and deliverance can be brought by the same hand, scorn and compassion by the same lips. Czulkang 470 7.11%
Born with honor, raised with valor, completed by vengeance. Nick Lynn 403 6.10%
Martyr of light, reaper of dark. SerraSeraph 403 6.10%
Totals:   6610 100.00%

The last card up for submissions was the player-favorite Serra Angel. The winning quote will look like so:

When she flies above the good, they consider themselves blessed. When she flies above the wicked, they consider themselves dead.

To make sure your real name appears on the web whenever we use one of your submissions, update your user profile here. Or else we'll call you stuff like "zeppelinrules" for the rest of your life.

Land Art Votes

Last week we put up the final piece of the Eighth Edition puzzle, the options for basic land art. And now that the votes are final, I'm sure John Avon is very proud. With 12 out of a possible 18 lands of his receiving enough votes to be included in the set (he only had two Plains up for consideration), it is clear that Avon is the most popular land artist ever. No other individual artist had more than one land voted into Eighth Edition.

The winning selections:

Plains thumbnail
Seventh Edition
John Avon
Plains thumbnail
Matthew Mitchell
Plains thumbnail
John Avon
Plains thumbnail
Portal Second Age
Fred Fields
Island thumbnail
John Avon
Island thumbnail
Seventh Edition
John Avon
Island thumbnail
Tony Szczudlo
Island thumbnail
Mercadian Masques
Scott Bailey
Swamp thumbnail
Bob Eggleton
Swamp thumbnail
Urza's Saga
John Avon
Swamp thumbnail
Dan Frazier
Swamp thumbnail
Seventh Edition
Larry Elmore
Mountain thumbnail
Fifth Edition
John Avon
Mountain thumbnail
John Avon
Mountain thumbnail
John Avon
Mountain thumbnail
Mercadian Masques
Rob Alexander
Forest thumbnail
John Avon
Forest thumbnail
John Avon
Forest thumbnail
John Avon
Forest thumbnail
John Avon

The numeric vote tallies follow. Remember that each voter chose four of each land; if one piece got 6% of the total votes, that means 24% of the voters chose it.


Original Expansion
(click to view art)
Artist Voting Results
Seventh Edition John Avon 2080 10.56%
Onslaught Matthew Mitchell 1861 9.45%
Invasion John Avon 1815 9.22%
Portal Second Age Fred Fields 1542 7.83%
Mirage Tom Wänerstrand 1451 7.37%
Odyssey Rob Alexander 1404 7.13%
Mirage Tom Wänerstrand 1242 6.31%
Invasion D. J. Cleland-Hura 1211 6.15%
Onslaught Rob Alexander 1163 5.91%
Odyssey Don Hazeltine 1054 5.35%
Seventh Edition Rob Alexander 845 4.29%
Seventh Edition Scott Bailey 816 4.14%
Odyssey Alan Pollack 747 3.79%
Seventh Edition Rob Alexander 660 3.35%
Mercadian Masques Terry Springer 653 3.32%
Mercadian Masques Dana Knutson 593 3.01%
Mercadian Masques Scott Bailey 555 2.82%
Total   19692 100.00%


Original Expansion
(click to view art)
Artist Voting Results
Invasion John Avon 1294 6.55%
Seventh Edition John Avon 1289 6.52%
Invasion Tony Szczudlo 1280 6.48%
Mercadian Masques Scott Bailey 940 4.76%
Portal Second Age John Avon 921 4.66%
Portal Eric Peterson 832 4.21%
Mirage Douglas Shuler 831 4.20%
Fifth Edition J. W. Frost 823 4.16%
Portal Second Age John Avon 772 3.91%
Invasion Terese Nielsen 756 3.82%
Odyssey Larry Elmore 686 3.47%
Fifth Edition J. W. Frost 674 3.41%
Odyssey Randy Elliott 639 3.23%
Onslaught Matt Thompson 606 3.07%
Tempest Randy Gallegos 563 2.85%
Mercadian Masques Tony Szczudlo 514 2.60%
Portal Eric Peterson 495 2.50%
Mirage Douglas Shuler 478 2.42%
Onslaught Randy Elliott 458 2.32%
Seventh Edition Rob Alexander 411 2.08%
Onslaught Bradley Williams 366 1.85%
Tempest Randy Gallegos 352 1.78%
Odyssey Alan Pollack 349 1.77%
Fifth Edition J. W. Frost 329 1.66%
Tempest Randy Gallegos 321 1.62%
Invasion Darrell Riche 318 1.61%
Mercadian Masques Terry Springer 307 1.55%
Seventh Edition Scott Bailey 306 1.55%
Mirage Douglas Shuler 302 1.53%
Seventh Edition Tony Szczudlo 288 1.46%
Portal Eric Peterson 256 1.30%
Mirage Douglas Shuler 250 1.26%
Mercadian Masques Scott Bailey 215 1.09%
Fifth Edition J. W. Frost 209 1.06%
Tempest Randy Gallegos 201 1.02%
Portal Eric Peterson 135 0.68%
Total   19766 100.00%


Original Expansion
(click to view art)
Artist Voting Results
Mirage Bob Eggleton 1816 9.36%
Urza's Saga John Avon 1244 6.41%
Onslaught Dan Frazier 1104 5.69%
Seventh Edition Larry Elmore 1021 5.26%
Urza's Saga John Avon 949 4.89%
Portal Romas 773 3.99%
Seventh Edition D.J. Cleland-Hura 766 3.95%
Invasion Ron Spencer 750 3.87%
Urza's Saga John Avon 676 3.49%
Portal Romas 676 3.49%
Seventh Edition Tony Szczudlo 645 3.33%
Odyssey Alan Pollack 643 3.32%
Seventh Edition Rob Alexander 610 3.14%
Urza's Saga John Avon 583 3.01%
Fifth Edition Andrew Robinson 539 2.78%
Odyssey Rob Alexander 538 2.77%
Portal Second Age Susan Van Camp 535 2.76%
Mercadian Masques Rob Alexander 520 2.68%
Portal Romas 476 2.45%
Invasion Rob Alexander 461 2.38%
Portal Second Age Susan Van Camp 445 2.29%
Tempest Brom 436 2.25%
Invasion Rob Alexander 408 2.10%
Invasion Ron Spencer 394 2.03%
Portal Romas 370 1.91%
Tempest Brom 365 1.88%
Portal Second Age Susan Van Camp 363 1.87%
Mercadian Masques Rob Alexander 349 1.80%
Fifth Edition Andrew Robinson 343 1.77%
Tempest Brom 233 1.20%
Tempest Brom 183 0.94%
Fifth Edition Andrew Robinson 182 0.94%
Total   19396 100.00%


Original Expansion
(click to view art)
Artist Voting Results
Fifth Edition John Avon 1263 6.55%
Mirage John Avon 1032 5.35%
Mirage John Avon 969 5.02%
Mercadian Masques Rob Alexander 862 4.47%
Fifth Edition John Avon 860 4.46%
Seventh Edition John Avon 860 4.46%
Portal Second Age Rob Alexander 834 4.32%
Odyssey Tony Szczudlo 831 4.31%
Fifth Edition John Avon 793 4.11%
Odyssey Rob Alexander 719 3.73%
Seventh Edition Rob Alexander 704 3.65%
Urza's Saga John Avon 627 3.25%
Portal Second Age Rob Alexander 544 2.82%
Odyssey Franz Vohwinkel 537 2.78%
Odyssey Anthony S. Waters 525 2.72%
Urza's Saga John Avon 512 2.65%
Urza's Saga John Avon 511 2.65%
Fifth Edition John Avon 481 2.49%
Urza's Saga John Avon 473 2.45%
Seventh Edition D.J. Cleland-Hura 462 2.40%
Invasion Jeff Miracola 462 2.40%
Mirage John Avon 456 2.36%
Portal Second Age Rob Alexander 444 2.30%
Portal Brian Durfee 442 2.29%
Invasion Matt Cavotta 423 2.19%
Invasion Scott Bailey 369 1.91%
Mercadian Masques Scott Bailey 325 1.68%
Portal Brian Durfee 310 1.61%
Portal Brian Durfee 268 1.39%
Mercadian Masques Terry Springer 262 1.36%
Invasion Glen Angus 258 1.34%
Portal Brian Durfee 252 1.31%
Onslaught Heather Hudson 243 1.26%
Seventh Edition Rob Alexander 228 1.18%
Mercadian Masques Dana Knutson 147 0.76%
Total   19288 100.00%


Original Expansion
(click to view art)
Artist Voting Results
Invasion John Avon 1698 8.83%
Portal John Avon 1460 7.59%
Portal John Avon 1392 7.24%
Onslaught John Avon 1381 7.18%
Onslaught John Avon 1175 6.11%
Seventh Edition John Avon 1092 5.68%
Portal Second Age Quinton Hoover 992 5.16%
Seventh Edition D.J. Cleland-Hura 880 4.58%
Sixth Edition John Avon 755 3.93%
Sixth Edition Quinton Hoover 681 3.54%
Sixth Edition John Avon 662 3.44%
Invasion Alan Pollack 515 2.68%
Odyssey Rob Alexander 502 2.61%
Seventh Edition John Avon 489 2.54%
Odyssey Larry Elmore 474 2.46%
Urza's Saga Anthony S. Waters 460 2.39%
Urza's Saga Anthony S. Waters 455 2.37%
Onslaught John Matson 450 2.34%
Invasion Glen Angus 436 2.27%
Mercadian Masques Rob Alexander 432 2.25%
Mercadian Masques Rob Alexander 421 2.19%
Odyssey Tony Szczudlo 399 2.07%
Mercadian Masques Donato Giancola 386 2.01%
Urza's Saga Anthony S. Waters 383 1.99%
Sixth Edition Quinton Hoover 351 1.83%
Invasion Alan Pollack 319 1.66%
Seventh Edition Rob Alexander 298 1.55%
Urza's Saga Anthony S. Waters 294 1.53%
Total   19232 100.00%

And that, as they say, is that. We here at Wizards of the Coast thank you for your participation in this unique promotion, and we hope you'll enjoy the fruits of your labors when Eighth Edition is released next summer. Nekrataal, Mark Twain, and John Avon--sounds like a hell of a set already!

Remember to stay tuned to for more ways to influence the game you love.

Missed what was happening? Catch up with the "Selecting Eighth Edition" archive.Send questions and comments to

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