Selecting Ninth Edition Week 10

Posted in Feature on August 16, 2004

By Staff

Welcome to the 10th week of Selecting Ninth Edition! Last week's card vs. card vote was one of the closest this year. (The other two hotly contested votes so far were Blinding Angel vs. Dawn Elemental and Yawgmoth Demon vs. Havoc Demon.) So which rare red card will you be recurring from your graveyards come 2005?

Shard Phoenix takes it in a close one!
Hammer of Bogardan 5114 45%
Shard Phoenix 6244 55%
Totals 11358 100%

For last week's sketches vote it was Elvish Piper up for consideration, as portrayed by Rebecca Guay and Terese Nielsen.

The Rebecca Guay sketch wins the vote!
Sketch by Rebecca Guay 7178 67%
Sketch by Terese Nielsen 3537 33%
Totals 10715 100%

Card Vote #10

This week's card vs. card vote is the duel of the discard spells. Blackmail costs one less mana but gives the opponent some more say in what you see, if they have more than three cards that is. Addle removes any say from the opponent but places a decision with you instead: which color to name? Choose correctly and you're in business. Choose wrong and you just overpaid for a bad Glasses of Urza effect.

Neither card has made it to the core set so far, so it's up to you which one gets that first show at fame and glory!

Sketch Vote #6

This week's sketch vote is for Grave Pact, and features artists Carl Critchlow and Puddnhead.

Grave Pact sketch by Carl Critchlow

Grave Pact sketch by Puddnhead

Thanks for making your voice heard. We'll see you next Monday (and every Monday through September 6th) with even more important changes to your next Core Set. Don't miss it!

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