Selecting Ninth Edition Week 14

Posted in Feature on September 13, 2004

By Staff

This week we’ll be covering the results from last week’s votes, running the corrected vote for Shock, and unveiling the completed art from the first sketch vote, Dancing Scimitar!

Last week’s card vs. card vote was Glorious Anthem and Shared Triumph, and Glorious Anthem won by a convincing margin!

Glorious Anthem wins it!
Glorious Anthem 74.9%
Shared Triumph 25.1%
Totals 100%

We also have the results from two of the flavor text votes, Fear and Naturalize.

Fear Flavor Text Results

#10 "Don't fear the darkness. Fear what it hides." -Remin venerable monk 27.9%
#1 Apprentice wizards spend a full year learning to paralyze opponents. Zombies spend ten seconds. 15.3%
#4 There's no betrayal worse than that of your own courage. 14.2%
#2 It's hard to fight something you don't want to see. 12.6%
#5 Fear motivates most actions - like running for instance. 8.7%
#6 "Hold on to your sword, your nerve, and your bowels." 6.6%
#7 It awakens the part inside you that says "I can't." 5.3%
#8 The true motivator. 4.6%
#3 It passes through flesh and chills to the bone. 2.5%
#9 It makes hot blood turn to icy water, flexed muscles to wet rags, and neck hairs to needles. 2.3%
  Total 100%  

Congratulations to Joseph Vidal, who sent in the winning submission!

Naturalize Flavor Text Results

#6 "Well, it also makes a very nice flower pot . . . ." -Arcum Dagsson Soldevi machinist 24.0%
#7 "When you gamble with Gaea, she eats your dice." -Reef pirate saying 18.9%
#10 The power of a single seed can shatter the work of a thousand artificers. 14.0%
#3 "Nature has its own way of cleaning up." -Fyndhorn elder 11.3%
#1 "Once these constructs ruined the landscape. Now the landscape ruins them." -Druidic writings 8.7%
#5 Progress and nature have a fragile balance. When progress advances too far, nature seeks to stop it. 7.1%
#2 Anything built by hand is an easy target for the fist of nature. 5.3%
#9 Even the lifeless carry the seed of life. 4.5%
#4 A druid's green thumb is usually attached to a heavy hand and a strong arm. 4.0%
#8 The plant's roots grew and shattered the machine into a thousand pieces. That year, one leaf grew for each piece. 2.1%
  Total 100%  

For this one, it was Alex Zacharias who had the winning submission. Nice work Alex!

Shock Flavor Text Vote Redux

For last week’s Shock vote there was an error because a real-world quote slipped through to the finalist list (the rules for the promotion specified that all submissions had to be original). The vote was cancelled so that we could run it today, with the 11th place finalist now moving up to fill the slot vacated by Mark Twain. Here then is the corrected vote for Shock’s flavor text.

  1. "At first my hair stood on end. Then I smelled it burning."

  2. "They say lightning's the mother of fire. Guess what? You're about to become the father."
    -Jaya Ballard, task mage

  3. "Lightning is like a troll: you don't know what hit you till you smell it."
    -Flegren, goblin seer

  4. "You know what I like best about lightning? It's like fire, but even faster."
    -Jaya Ballard, task mage

  5. "That's the problem with the high ground," mused Grognak. "It's too close to the sky!"

  6. "More fun than a barrel of rocks! More effective too."
    -Toggo, goblin weaponsmith

  7. "Sparks fly when you're having fun!"
    -Snogg, goblin pyromancer

  8. Once in a while, static electricity ceases to be static.

  9. This is why there are no furry goblins.

  10. "Once I saw a goblin shouting at a thunderstorm. He lost the argument pretty quickly."
    -Wandering mage

Special Bonus Section

The final art from the first sketches vote is in! Below is the finished Dancing Scimitar from the vote winner, Ron Spears. Don’t miss next week when we’ll have the results for the Shock flavor text vote, the complete wrap-up of all the other votes, and the final art for Mahamoti Djinn from sketch winner Greg Staples. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

Ninth Edition Dancing Scimitar art by Ron Spears

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