Selecting Ninth Edition Week 4

Posted in Feature on July 5, 2004

By Staff

Welcome to the fourth week of Selecting Ninth Edition! Last week's vote was nowhere near as close as Blinding Angel vs. Dawn Elemental, but there was still an incredible amount of spirited debate on the merits of both cards. The results?

Mana Leak defeats Memory Lapse
Mana Leak wins!

Mana Leak 9748 64.7%
Memory Lapse 5324 35.3%
Totals 15072 100%

Whereas last week featured two constructed-level cards, this week is much more likely to matter for Magic's more casual players. In honor of Demon Week, you'll be choosing between Yawgmoth Demon and Havoc Demon. Yawgmoth Demon comes with one of the most powerful names in the game (thanks to cards like Yawgmoth's Bargain and Yawgmoth's Will) and a powerful nostalgia factor, having appeared all the way back in Magic's second expansion, Antiquities. Havoc Demon costs more to cast and is smaller to boot, but features a powerful board-sweeping ability, whereas ending up unable to pay off your Yawgmoth Demon is a good way to end up dead fast.

So which will it be? Both demons are looking to make their first appearance in a core set. Does Mirrodin's artifact theme mean Yawgmoth Demon's time has come? Will Havoc Demon pull off the chance to bring more screams of pain to the little (and not-so-little) critters of Magic? The choice is yours, so get your vote in and come back next week to find out which card won!

Havoc Demon vs. Yawgmoth Demon

Thanks for making your voice heard. We’ll see you next Monday (and every Monday through September 6th) with even more important changes to your next Core Set. Don’t miss it!

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