Selecting Ninth Edition Week 8

Posted in Feature on August 2, 2004

By Staff

The eighth week of Selecting Ninth Edition has arrived, bringing us just past the halfway point! This week we'll be announcing the cards for the flavor text competition, but before we get to that let's find out how last week turned out. First up was the battle of the bounce.

Temporal Adept makes it into Ninth Edition!
Temporal Adept makes it into Ninth Edition!

Temporal Adept 8591 65.4%
Time Elemental 4540 34.6%
Totals 13131 100%

In the art vote the card was Spirit Link, as sketched by Kev Walker and Ron Spencer.

The Kev Walker sketch wins the vote!

Sketch by Kev Walker 8071 65.0%
Sketch by Ron Spencer 4353 35.0%
Totals 12424 100%

Card Vote #8

For this week's card vote it's Viashino against Viashino, and only one hasty baddie is making it into the new core set. Viashino Sandstalker comes to us from Visions but it also made it into Eighth Edition. Viashino Cutthroat came later, in Urza's Legacy, and has never made the core set before. Both hit hard, both have haste; so the real question is just how big do you want when it comes to attaching a body to this kind of effect. The Sandstalker hits at least a turn earlier but the Cutthroat's extra power and toughness make it more resilient when opposing creatures get in the way of your plans. Then again, the cheaper casting cost on the Sandstalker makes it easier to have enough mana to just burn away potential blockers. Functionally this is one of the absolute closest votes of Selecting Ninth Edition. Does that mean a close vote, or will this one turn into a blowout? We'll know for sure next week.

Viashino Cutthroat vs. Viashino Sandstalker

Sketch Vote #4

In honor of Ice Age Week you'll be voting on what Mark Rosewater considers to be one of the best designed cards from that set, perennial player favorite Zur's Weirding. The artists for this week's sketch vote are Mark Tedin and rk post.

Zur's Weirding sketch by rk post
Zur's Weirding sketch by rk post

Zur's Weirding sketch by Mark Tedin
Zur's Weirding sketch by Mark Tedin

Selecting Ninth Edition Flavor Text Competition!

For Selecting Ninth Edition we're going to be giving readers the chance to create flavor text for three different cards:

Shock, Naturalize, and Fear

For this contest we're only looking for made-up text, so please do not include real world quotes this time around. With that in mind, here are some tips from one of the members of our creative team, Rei Nakazawa, from the Selecting Eighth Edition promotion. Flavor text should:

  • Be interesting, exciting, and appealing. Remember, this quote will be hanging around for at least two years, so you should do your best to put something good on it. In other words, be creative!
  • Fit on the card. This is a very simple, obvious requirement that a lot of people forget about. Most writers tend to overwrite their flavor text. Be careful.
  • Be appropriate to our audience. That is, keep it PG-13, okay?
  • Be appropriate to the card it's on. After all, you don't want your card to end up being one of those made fun of because there doesn't seem to be any connection between it and the flavor text, do you?
  • Not slight or make fun of the card's playability. No matter how bad a card might seem to you, someone might like it, and we don't want to insult those people.
  • Not be a repeat of something we've already done.

Submissions will be accepted from Monday, August 2 through Sunday, August 15 (midnight, Pacific Daylight Time). Each reader is allowed one flavor text submission for each card in the contest (please don't abuse us on this one!). An important note (if you want to be considered), when submitting your flavor text make sure to include your name, a valid email address, and which card this flavor text is for (Shock, Naturalize or Fear). We'll whittle the entries down to the ten or so best for each card and then present them to you for a vote on Monday, September 6. Lastly, please do not include multiple submissions in one email. If you'd like to submit flavor text for more than one card please make sure to do so in separate emails.

Thanks for making your voice heard. We’ll see you next Monday (and every Monday through September 6th) with even more important changes to your next Core Set. Don’t miss it!

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