Selecting Ninth Edition Wrap-up

Posted in Feature on September 20, 2004

By Staff

All the votes are in, the cards have been selected, and final art for the sketches you chose is starting to arrive here at Wizards of the Coast. In this final wrap-up edition we’ll list all the final results (including the flavor text vote for Shock) as well as unveil the final art for the winning Mahamoti Djinn sketch. Here we go!

Card vs. Card votes

Surely the most hotly debated part of the promotion, the card vs. card votes inspired hundreds of posts in the forums passionately advocating each possible side. When the smoke had cleared, the following thirteen cards had been voted into the next core set.

Emperor Crocodile defeated Jade Leech

Blinding Angel defeated Dawn Elemental

Mana Leak defeated Memory Lapse

Yawgmoth Demon defeated Havoc Demon

Confiscate + Rewind defeated Persuasion

Rathi Dragon won a three-way against Balduvian Horde and Goblin Goon

Temporal Adept defeated Time Elemental

Viashino Sandstalker defeated Viashino Cutthroat

Shard Phoenix defeated Hammer of Bogardan

Blackmail defeated Addle

Weird Harvest defeated Animal Magnetism

Furnace of Rath defeated Gratuitous Violence

Glorious Anthem defeated Shared Triumph

Sketch Vote Winners

For Selecting Ninth Edition the readers had a whole new way to participate in putting together the core set, this time by voting on two sketches for each card, deciding which would be fleshed out into the final piece for each card in question. Listed below are the winning sketches in order, as well as two finished pieces we now have here at Wizards.

Dancing Scimitar, Ron Spears

Dancing Scimitar, Ron Spears

Mahamoti Djinn, Greg Staples

Mahamoti Djinn, Greg Staples

Spirit Link, Kev Walker

Spirit Link, Kev Walker

Zur’s Weirding, rk post

Zur’s Weirding, rk post

Elvish Piper, Rebecca Guay

Elvish Piper, Rebecca Guay

Grave Pact, Puddnhead

Grave Pact, Puddnhead

Threaten, Pete Venters

Threaten, Pete Venters

Will-o'-the-Wisp, Rob Alexander

Will-o’-the-Wisp, Rob Alexander

As shown last week, this is the final version of the Ron Spears Dancing Scimitar.

Ron Spears Dancing Scimitar

And, for the first time, here is the version of Mahamoti Djinn that you’ll be seeing in Ninth Edition, by Greg Staples!

Mahamoti Djinn art by Greg Staples

Flavor Text Votes

For Selecting Ninth Edition readers sent in nearly 10,000 flavor text submissions for Shock, Naturalize, and Fear. For Fear, the winning choice came from Joseph Vidal:

"Don't fear the darkness. Fear what it hides." -Remin venerable monk

For Naturalize, the most popular submission came from Alex Zacharias:

"Well, it also makes a very nice flower pot . . . ." -Arcum Dagsson Soldevi machinist

And lastly, here are the final results for the Shock flavor text vote:

"Once I saw a goblin shouting at a thunderstorm. He lost the argument pretty quickly." -Wandering mage 1704 28.1%
This is why there are no furry goblins. 833 13.7%
"They say lightning's the mother of fire. Guess what? You're about to become the father." - Jaya Ballard, task mage 612 10.1%
"You know what I like best about lightning? It's like fire but even faster." -Jaya Ballard task mage 602 9.9%
"More fun than a barrel of rocks! More effective too." -Toggo goblin weaponsmith 518 8.5%
"Lightning is like a troll: you don't know what hit you till you smell it." -Flegren, goblin seer 465 7.7%
"That's the problem with the high ground," mused Grognak. "It's too close to the sky!" 432 7.1%
Once in a while static electricity ceases to be static. 395 6.5%
"Sparks fly when you're having fun!" -Snogg, goblin pyromancer 292 4.8%
"At first my hair stood on end. Then I smelled it burning." 215 3.5%
Total 6068 100.0%

The vote for Shock was actually run twice, as the first time we ran it a real-world quote by Mark Twain slipped through to the finalists list, in violation of the promotion’s rules. The vote was run a second time, with the real-world quote removed and the next runner-up inserted. Despite the changes, the same submission won both votes, so extra congratulations go to David Griffiths for getting his quote onto this popular card.

Looking Forward

And so it comes to a close, for now. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in this popular event! In the coming weeks make sure to keep watching the Magic Arcana slot for more final art pieces composed from the winning sketches chosen by the readers. We’ll also soon be announcing You Make the Card 3, with a whole new angle that is sure to surprise you. In the meantime, thanks again for taking part in shaping your next core set, and stay tuned to for even more ways to influence the game!

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