Posted in NEWS on March 16, 2014

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

When both decks have tricks in Born of the Gods Draft, who wins? It's a question Dave Shiels and Daniel Fournier looked to settle. Fournier was still undefeated on the day, double drawing into the Top 8 and winning his quarterfinal match, but Shiels was hungry for more. He had wanted to start the match earlier but the other quarterfinal matches were still catching up.

In the first game, Shiels moved to be the speedy attack deck again, but Vortex Elemental from Fournier slowed him to a halt. Two copies of Ordeal of Heliod with a Battlewise Hoplite is challenging for all but exactly the right cards, and Fournier looked to be keeping the aggressive deck in check. Eventually, the battlefield was dominated by Shiels's oversized Coastline Chimera that punched through with Gods Willing.

Building the biggest creature is a way many Born of the Gods Limited games end.


"I can't beat a 1/5," Fournier quipped, grinning. With three +1/+1 counters and a bestowed Nimbus Naiad, Coastline Chimera was hardly "just" a 1/5.


Shiels didn't miss a beat. "That's what I did to Brock," he said, referring to his quarterfinal opponent. "Fourteen lands and six spells beats fourteen lands and five. I mean, I'm playing twenty-five lands."

There was a chuckle all around the table.

The second game looked slower for Shiels, and it was Fournier that had an evasive attacker to start in Siren of the Silent Song. Ordeal of Heliod changed the race in Shiels favor, but he was discarding cards to Fournier's inspired trigger. Akroan Skyguard was deflected with Triton Tactics – causing another of Shiels's cards to fall from hand – but Gods Willing saved the Lagonna-Band Elder from Hero's Downfall. Going back up to 22 life from Ordeal of Heliod meant Shiels could take significantly more damage than Fournier, even after the letter stole some with Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

With his second Gods Willing already in hand, Shiels put Fournier down to 6 life – the exact amount a Lagaonna-Band Elder with three +1/+1 counters on it could hit for. However, Aerie Worshipers left Fournier with two different colors of blocker. It took another turn, but Shiels's patience paid off when Fournier tapped down to just double black.

Fournier had run out of removal for the Elder, but pulled two extra life with Pharika's Cure. Hopeful Eidolon before combat meant the lifetotals shifted to Shiels, 22, and Fournier, 1. Afterwards, Fournier's battlefield was full of blockers and attackers thanks to Aerie Worshippers and inspired trigers.

Even Prognostic Sphinx and an army of fliers wasn’t enough to save Daniel Fournier.


Shipwreck Singer made Vortex Elemental and Lagonna-Band Elder finally meet, "messing up all those cards I scryed," as Fournier put it but Shiels seemed nonplussed: Setessan Griffin and Acolyte's Reward let Shiels redirect the last point of damage.


"I'm sure I misplayed that board," Fournier admitted, "but I'm not sure I could beat that hand anyway."

Fournier's hand extended, closing another Grand Prix Montreal semifinal match.

Dave Shiels defeated Daniel Fournier, 2-0