Posted in NEWS on March 2, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Both players have successfully piloted their Esper control decks to the semifinals, bagging themselves a healthy prize check, a handful of Pro Points as well as the much-coveted invitation to Pro Tour Journey to Nyx in the process. This also meant that at least one Esper control deck would make it to the finals and both players would need to outplay the other if they wished to advance further.

Game One




After throwing back his initial seven, Wei found himself stuck on two Islands but had just enough mana to stop Robertson's Jace, Architect of Thought with Syncopate. After cycling Quicken, he managed to draw a crucial Temple of Enlightenment, allowing him to scry into two successive Plains.




When Robertson baited out Dissolve using Sphinx's Revelation, that gave him free reign to slam Ætherling onto the battlefield, prompting an instant concession from Wei. Even in a deck stacked with solutions, it was not possible to come back from this dire situation.








Down one game after stumbling on mana, Wei was now fighting an uphill battle.




Game Two




Wei went on the offensive and ran out Jace, Architect of Thought over two successive turns. However, Robertson was at the ready with Syncopate and Dissolve.




Upon reaching six mana, Robertson presented his own copy of Jace and Wei allowed it to resolve, preferring to draw three cards using Sphinx's Revelation. He untapped to plop Blood Baron of Vizkopa onto the table, leaving two mana up for Gainsay Blood Baron of Vizkopa would not be easy to deal with post-board, for a couple of Supreme Verdicts have surely been boarded out, and Wei pummeled at his opponent's life total four by four.




Robertson had Thoughtseize to access Wei's grip of cards, currently consisting Detention Sphere, Ætherling, Gainsay and Dissolve. After a few moments of deliberation, Robertson decided to remove Dissolve.




Nothing else resolved for a few turns thereafter, with Gainsays and Dissolves stopping all the crucial spells. Now that both players were out of countermagic, Robertson restocked his hand with a Sphinx's Revelation for six new cards, and proceeded to drop Elspeth, protecting it against Detention Sphere with yet another Gainsay.




With Wei holding two utterly useless Supreme Verdicts, he watched as Robertson's horde of Soldier tokens and Ætherling flood the board. Despite gaining a bunch of life from the Blood Baron of Vizkopa, that did not stop him from extending his hand as Robertson eventually ravaged through his life total.








Patty Robertson




Patty Robertson beats Wei Yifan and advances to the finals of Grand Prix Melbourne 2014.