Semifinal: Ivan Floch vs. Nico Bohny

Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Tobi Henke

Over here in the other semifinal, Nico Bohny of Switzerland met Slovak Ivan Floch. At 26 Pro Points and not qualified for the upcoming Pro Tour, Bohny wasn't really playing for anything beyond the fun, the fame and the glory. Quite unlike Floch who was at 27 points before this Grand Prix and was very much looking to make it to 35 at Pro Tour Magic 2015.

Bohny had drafted a somwhat clunky blue-green deck with a tiny splash of red. Floch had drafted a black-white deck which was aggressive in theory but needed to make use of quite a lot of filler cards to fill out its curve.

Game 1

Floch led with Tormented Hero plus Ordeal of Heliod, but his offense was summarily dealt with by Bohny's Pin to the Earth. Floch's Ornitharch traded against Fleetfeather Cockactrice and already, he was out of gas.

From this point on, Bohny was easily able to take over the game with the help of Dakra Mystic, Rise of Eagles, Interpret the Signs, and Pheres-Band Centaurs.

Ivan Floch 0-1 Nico Bohny

Game 2

Floch had a reasonably quick start with Tormented Hero and Elite Skirmisher, but considering Bohny's deck, his was exceptionally quick with a turn-three Polis Crusher off of Font of Fertility.

Floch brazenly attacked with both his creatures and was unable to do anything about the opposing 4/4 blocking and killing his Tormented Hero. With the bluff attack gone wrong, Floch's position was even worse now and didn't get any better. Soon, Bohny attacked with Chorus of the Tides and his by then monstrous Polis Crusher, and not much later it was all over.

Ivan Floch 0-2 Nico Bohny