Semifinals: Brian Kibler vs. William Jensen

Posted in NEWS on January 4, 2016

Brian Kibler vs. William Jensen

Jensen, playing an Oath deck, had just defeated a Miracle-Gro deck in the Top 8 to advance to the Semis, while Kibler, playing Super-Gro, just beat Maher's Sligh deck. These two squared off in round four of the swiss, with Jensen coming out the victor. It was to be expected, since he designed his version of Oath specifically to beat Gro decks. Four maindeck Disrupts go a long way to help that cause.

Huey won the coin flip and elected to play first, and both players led with a Flood Plain. Huey went for an Oath of Druids on Turn 2, which Kibler Foiled, but Huey forced it through with a Force of Will. Kibler was unfazed, though, and dropped a Winter Orb, followed by a Gush two turns later and a 2nd Winter Orb. Huey asked Kibler whether or not he had a Daze on the following turn, to which Kibler shrugged and said "Yes." Apparently Huey didn't believe him, though, as he tapped out to cast an Ancient Hydra, which Kibler did not counter.

He did, however, use Huey's Oath on his upkeep to get a Werebear, but that didn't scare Huey away from attacking with his Ancient Hydra, which Kibler chose not to block, instead choosing to use his Werebear on his own turn in order to cast a Mystic Enforcer. Huey attempted to Counter it, but Kibler used a Force of Will, removing Foil from the game. The Enforcer allowed Huey to Oath on his upkeep getting his Morphling.

William Jensen

Huey attacked yet again with his Hydra, content to let Morphling hold the fort, but was not able to block Kibler's Werebear the next turn due to only having Tropical Island untapped, nor was he able to stop Kibler from Plowing his Ancient Hydra. He responded by having the Hydra kill itself so that it wouldn't be removed from the game, but since those are the only 2 creatures in his deck, the next Oath activation did nothing but shuffle back the Hydra among other cards.

Kibler attacked with both the Enforcer and Werebear on his following turn, and Huey gave his Morphling flying to chump block the Enforcer, and took 4 to go down to 10. Kibler cast a Quirion Dryad, and Huey Oathed up his Hydra, hitting a Blessing and thus letting the Morphling back in his deck. Kibler chose to attack only with his Enforcer, knocking Huey down to 4. Huey Oathed back up his Morphling, and Kibler attacked with his 2/2 Dryad, Werebear, and Enforcer; Huey gave the Morphling flying and blocked the Enforcer, and traded the Hydra with the Werebear. With no creatures left in his deck, the Oath activation got him nothing, and he conceded.

Kibler took out his Merfolk Looters, Werebears, and Plows for Submerges, Meddling Mages, and Wax/Wanes, and I have no clue how Huey sideboarded as he would not tell me, but I assume he brought in Pyroblasts and Oaths.

Huey played first for the second game, and once again cast an Oath of Druids on turn 2, which Kibler Force of Willed, and then cast a Winter Orb on his turn. Huey didn't have a land on turn 3, while Kibler Gushed, then cast Sleight of Hand. Huey managed to find a Treetop Village for his 3rd turn, while Kibler cast a Quirion Dryad. Huey found an Oath of Druids, though, and cast it without any counters coming from Kibler. Huey found an Ancient Hydra with his Oath, and during his next turn he traded it with Kibler's 3/3 Dryad.
After a few turns of drawing and saying go, Huey attempted an Accumulated Knowledge, which was for 4 because the Oath had put 3 into his graveyard. Kibler let that resolve, and although Huey had to discard 3 cards on his next turn, he was more than happy to just have land. After Kibler added a Blue mana to his pool, Gushed, burned for 1, and discarded, Huey said "God I hate this stupid matchup." Huey attempted a Seal of Cleansing a few turns later, which Kibler Foiled discarding an Island and a Submerge.

Brian Kibler to cast a Gaea's Blessing targeting his other Blessing and 2 Wastelands, but Kibler Force of Willed. Huey Pyroblasted that, though, and then Force of Willed Kibler's 2nd Force of Will. Kibler decided to try to end the Game 1 way or another, and cast a Mystic Enforcer. Huey then Oathed up a Morphling and Plowed Kibler's Enforcer, and after a few turns the game was over.

Kibler played first for the last game, and asked Huey to please not draw his Oath of Druids and play it on Turn 2. Bob Maher made a comment about how you don't need Enlightened Tutor in an Oath deck if you just always dropped a 2nd turn Oath, to which Huey responded "Bob, do you know what Enlightened Tutor is? It's Careful Study. Turn 1 mulligan." Kibler started the game off with a Turn 2 Winter Orb; however, Huey had a Seal, and he plowed Kibler's Werebear during his next turn. Kibler responded with a Quirion Dryad on the next turn, and then Huey used the Seal on the Orb.

On Kibler's next end step, Huey cast an Intuition for 3 Accumulated Knowledges, and then asked Kibler whether or not he liked his chances this game. The Accumulated Knowledge resolved without a fight from Kibler, and Kibler cast a Mystic Enforcer on his next turn, which Huey Plowed. However, his next Mystic Enforcer went by uncontested, and, with only lands in his hand, Huey conceded.

Final Result: Brian Kibler defeats William Jensen 2-1

Brian Kibler - Finalist

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William Jensen - Third Place

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Creature (2)
1 Ancient Hydra 1 Morphling
Sorcery (2)
2 Gaea's Blessing
Enchantment (5)
3 Oath of Druids 2 Seal of Cleansing
Other (6)
4 Volcanic Islandv 2 Fire/Ice
60 Cards