Semifinals Report: v. Team T.T.T

Posted in NEWS on December 30, 2015

Josh Bennett

You've got to expect that Team T.T.T. was shaking in their boots going into this semifinal round. True, they had gotten this far on their immense talent, but now they were up against the undisputed kings of Team Limited,

Doctor Wong mulliganed in his game against Chris Benafel, and his predicament was worsened by a Gerrard's Verdict from Benafel. His Glimmering Angel was Hobbled, and soon he had no cards in his hand.

Next to him, Tzu-Ching Kuo was slow off the mark and stalled at three land, letting Dave Williams play out an unkicked Duskwalker, Phyrexian Rager, and enchant the Walker with a Quicksilver Dagger. Kuo tried to kick out of it with a Morgue Toad, but it met a Soul Burn. He sacrificed it to Jilt Williams's Duskwalker.

Dan Clegg had misplayed his land for a turn, playing a forest when he inteded a mountain. He tapped the two for Yavimaya Barbarian, then, realizing his mistake, swapped the forest for a mountain. It was unclear whether his hand had stayed on the card or not. The judge ruled that he would have to back up to where he played the forest. This set his Barbarian back a turn. He was under presure from Tundra Kavu and Standard Bearer.

Kuo had drawn his fourth land against Williams, but was fighting an uphill battle. Williams drew a card, and couldn't believe what it was. It was the Dwarven Landslide he'd put in his deck at the last minute. He tapped seven and kicked it up, earning a concession from Kuo.

It was high fives all around. Said Williams, "It may not have mattered, but it was still tight as hell!"

Doctor Wong had somehow clung to life against Benafel, despite his drawing Stormscape Apprentice and Hanna to recurse his Manacles of Decay. Wong Routed in desperation, only to see Benafel drop a kicked Faerie Squadron and Benalish Trapper. He scooped.

Clegg tried to break his stalemate against Dell Sun with Magma Burst. Sun had Captain's Maneuver at the ready to rescue one of his guys. Still, Clegg had a Glade Gnarr in play and started to bash. Sun Shackled it, and attacked, but lost his Angelfire Crusader to Clegg's Gerrard's Command.

Williams was off to a rocket start against Kuo. He hit Mire Kavu and kicked Vodalian Serpent before Kuo had any action. He was clearly lacking a swamp, and Williams was taking full advantage.

Kuo fought gamely. He finally found a swamp and Recoiled the 6/6, and Williams was forced to keep it in hand because he'd sacrificed a Sulfur Vent to bring it out. Williams took the opportunity to relieve him of said swamp with Dwarven Landslide. Without black mana, Kuo couldn't hold on.

"I told him to put that in, right at the last second." -- Chris Benafel

"This man is a genius!" -- David Williams

Benafel was quite the menace in his second game against Doctor Wong. He had more card advantage then he could deal with, from Hunting Drake, Gerrard's Verdict, Repulse and Exclude. Even when Wong Routed away Benafel's board, he came right back with a Slay on Wong's freshly cast Urborg Elf, then Sunscape Familiar, Living Airship, and a kicked Faerie Squadron. Wong scooped.

Their spot in the finals secured, only Clegg's match remained to finish, and he quickly took the first game on the backs of his many creatures. However, in the second and third, Dell got an early Standard Bearer into play, and without his tricks, Clegg could not win. Lucky for him it didn't matter. defeats Team T.T.T.