Posted in NEWS on June 30, 2014

By Corbin Hosler

Yam Wing Chun cruised through the swiss rounds of the Grand Prix, suffering just one loss (to William Jensen), something he avenged in the quarterfinals of the Top 8. Sigrist, on the other hand, was used to knocking off favorites after squeezing out a victory over Christian Calcano in the quarters.

It was a match that featured two of the most prominent deck archetypes from this weekend's draft format: Blue-Red Fliers and White-Red Aggro, fitting for the final event of Theros Block Limited.

The Games

Yam's deck made it to the semifinals through the use of unbridled aggression in the form of a speedy curve and dangerous enchantments. But just a few turns into the game it was clear his deck wasn't working as intended, with just a lonely Akroan Hoplite on the field, sitting impotent without friends to attack with.

Delay is a sure way to lose against the blue-red deck, and he looked to take to the air with a Prescient Chimera. But when a Bolt of Keranos finished off the flier it was clear that Yam had found a way back into the game, and threatened to take it over thanks to a Harvestguard Alseids and an Ornitharch.

Forced to trade his life points for time, Sigrist worked his way back into the game thanks to a Akroan Conscriptor bestowed with Nyxborn Rollicker, and a tricky play where he used Magma Spray on his own Conscriptor to steal Ornitharch and eat the Hoplite proved to be too much for Yam to overcome, and one attack step later Sigrist was up a game.

Sigrist 1, Yam 0

After a narrow and competitive first game, the second was a display in the pure potential power of the seemingly-innocuous Triton Shorestalker.

When Yam failed to remove the 1/1 unblockable Merfolk, it quickly went to work. It picked up an Ordeal of Purphoros followed by a Mogis's Warhound, and just a few turns later a suddenly 7/7 Rogue ended the match and sent Sigrist into the finals against Yuuya Watanabe.

Sigrist 2, Yam 0