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Posted in Serious Fun on January 12, 2010

Right before the holiday break it was Goblin Week. Since I'm a devout EDH enthusiast I, naturally, reviewed some of the more entertaining options for using a legendary Goblin as your general. But more importantly, I explained my boggart nature of "borrowing" the most interesting things around me for my own personal use, challenging you to share a themed (Goblin or not) EDH deck.

Shared you did.

EDH is a format of amazing variety with room for everything from tuned, competitive caliber decks through haphazard collections of vaguely related cards thrown together for a deck or two—anything you can imagine for a deck can be done. Take, for example, RavenoftheBlack's first EDH deck:

Wort, the Raidmother

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As posted in the forums:

Basically, what I was trying to do is get a ton of goblins out, hopefully by obtaining a doubling season and then casting one of the token generators, especially Mogg Infestation. From there, this deck has two options: either attack in massive waves, possibly with the help of Overrun or Coat of Arms, or combine Boggart Shenanigans with sacrifice outlets like Goblin Bombardment (for direct damage) or Altar of Dementia (milling.) As general, Wort, the Raidmother helps with the token creation, and also turns spells like Goblin Grenade or Goblin War Strike lethal, particularly when you have a field full of goblins to conspire with.

I've seen a Wort, the Raidmother deck before, and she lends herself to the general approached RavenoftheBlack was going for: make Goblins then make Goblins blow up opponents and such. While Doubling Season and anything that generates tokens is generally considered a combo, it's Wort allowing you to conspire spells like Overrun and Harmonize that makes all those token work when many decks in the format drop big, flying fatties.

And speaking of the flying fatties, Fishduggery cut straight to the point (as posted on the forum) with "why have hamburger when you can have steak!"

Bladewing the Risen

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While there's nary a Goblin in sight it's probably for a good reason: here be Dragons! Bladewing the Risen will bring back any Dragon permanent each time he enters the battlefield, and with "fun" Dragons like Malfegor and Bogardan Hellkite, dealing with dead Dragons was never so good. And with all the Dragons hanging around to play, Crucible of Fire just puts the icing on the cake.

While it couldn't be included in the actual layout presenting the deck itself, there were a few comments about some of the cards. The slickest yet certainly most unfair combo of Sorin Markov and Hidetsugu's Second Rite can make an appearance, Mutavault would be better than Mishra's Factory due to the potential Crucible of Fire boost, and Rise from the Grave may be better than Zombify, since you can also grab something from an opponent's graveyard.

Oh, and could there be any more appropriate deck for Dragonskull Summit? Nice!

    Changing Gears Doesn't Mean Changing Speed

Dragons weren't the only tribe getting some EDH love. While not everything is perfectly tribal, SetzerG's Lorthos, the Tidemaker deck takes us under the waves to visit with the mighty king of octopuses and all his neighbors:

Lorthos, the Tidemaker

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While I'm sad the classic War Barge and Merfolk Assassin combo isn't in here, the veritable bonanza of deep-sea denizens is staggering. Deeptread Merrow and Deepchannel Mentor should provide a way for your blue devils to get through and Sea Spirit can pull its Shivan Dragon impersonation if you get the chance. While the Dark Depths is cute (even though there's no Vampire Hexmage to get all cheaty with it) it calls attention to the lack of artifacts—where is some sunken treasure?

While there's certainly some of you with a discerning eye questioning the "lack" of "good EDH stuff" there's something to be said for the pure mystery and flavorful cohesiveness of a fully thematic deck. Everything in the deck feels right at home 20,000 leagues under the sea, and Lorthos, in all his majesty, wouldn't have it any other way.

All of these decks, among several others, were posted on the forums. However some of you like to reach out to me using the "Respond via Email" link—I get those emails too! Ryan K. provided a deck that was loaded with Goblins:

Ryan K.'s EDH Deck

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As Ryan puts it "[t]he goal is to get lots of Goblins, then power them up"—but there's so much more. Both Clickslither and Voracious Dragon love a tasty Goblin treat, and Patron of the Akki can pump the Goblins who remain on the offensive.

However, there are two things missing from this deck. The first is the 99th card, but the second, presumably related, omission is slightly more important: who is your general, Ryan? I'm sure a few of you on the forums will point out which of the remaining legendary Goblins would best serve as the head of pack.

Several of you didn't send in or post any decks, instead opting just to point out something cool. The most common one I received was a surprising Goblin combo of instant death.

With Goblin Lackey and Goblin Wizard on the battlefield, cast a Goblin Recruiter to put Goblin Ringleader; Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker; Lightning Crafter; and Skirk Prospector, in that order, on top of your library. On the next turn, swing with Goblin Lackey to allow you to put Goblin Ringleader onto the battlefield, drawing you at least the next three cards on your library, then tap the Goblin Wizard to put Kiki-Jiki onto the battlefield. Play Skirk Prospector, then sacrifice any Goblins except Kiki-Jiki and the Prospector to generate enough mana to cast Lightning Crafter. It doesn't matter what you would champion, as you can have Kiki-Jiki copy the Lightning Crafter in response to the trigger. When the token Crafter comes into play, let that champion trigger resolve to remove Kiki-Jiki. You can then tap the token Crafter to deal damage, then sacrifice it to the Prospector ... which will put a trigger on the stack to bring Kiki-Jiki back untapped. You can repeat as necessary to kill anything (including players) or, if you feel frisky, generate an arbitrarily large amount of mana. Either way it's pretty classy for smelly green dudes!

Aside from Goblin shenanigans, one of you pointed out something for one of my EDH decks. IncrediSteve asked if I had ever considered Fallen Ideal for my Kresh the Bloodbraided deck. The answer is "Not until you pointed it out!" My Kresh deck loves free sacrifice outlets, and a sacrifice outlet that pumps Kresh, gives him a little evasion, and returns to my hand when it would otherwise go to the graveyard makes me scratch my head trying to figure out how I missed it. Thanks for the great tip, IncrediSteve!


While I certain catch the messages on the forums and through email, you may not know the third great way to grab my attention: my Twitter account. I really do appreciate everything, both positive and negative, that you have to say. Thanks for those of you who, week to week, always have something to put in—I certainly take notice!

The next two weeks are Worldwake preview weeks. If you've been hungering for a taste of something awesome, this will be the right place to be. See you then!

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