Hoof it the Easy Way

Posted in Serious Fun on April 10, 2012

Angels! Demons! The torrent of hope and battle sweeps Innistrad!

The forces of humanity have been reinforced, their potency revived by the return of Avacyn!

Avacyn, Angel of Hope | Art by Jason Chan

And now, finally, the great beasts of the land may roam free!

Art by Chris Rahn


Yeah, I heard the skip of the record and awkward silence too. It's not exactly what I was expecting to see first in Avacyn Restored either. But can I tell you something? This is better.

You asked for it. Hold on.

    Behemothus craterungulam

So what is this Jurassic-esque monstrosity? Well, it's a member of the Bestia family.

As you can see, it's a green mythic rare creature. If you've already translated its name from the "official" species name above, bravo!

Craterhoof Behemoth is a beast of a Beast, carrying an eight mana cost for something big. Right?

Well okay. There's an ability too.

That gives us this magnificent piece of nature:

A 5/5 with haste for eight mana might not light your fire, but it's certainly crossed the threshold of "Commander Sized" creatures. The obvious question is then, "What else does it do?"

Want to play a game?

I'm going to give you three options—choices if you will—that you can make. If you guess correctly, the preview is yours to see in all its glory!

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