Sketch Quickies: Time Spiral Legends

Posted in Arcana on November 13, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Dominaria's problematic past-present planar pollution has swept legendary creatures onto the scene from the depths of antiquity. All this week we'll learn more about these legends of Time Spiral and how they came to be. Today we look at sketches of the art of some of these historical stowaways, and their transition from sketch to final form.

Mouse over each sketch to see it change into its final Time Spiral art.

Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician sketch & art by Wayne Reynolds

Ib Halfheart, a mainstay of Ice Age-era flavor text, finds his way onto a card as well as into post-apocalyptic Dominaria. He immediately recruits a squad of the local goblins to lead-well, send-into battle.

Stonebrow, Krosan Hero sketch & art by Ron Spears

Stonebrow, Kamahl's right-hand centaur, is none too happy to be transported from his native Krosa. Beware of trampling centaurs with axes.

Kaervek the Merciless sketch & art by rk post

The power-mad tyrant-mage Kaervek is bound to stir up trouble during his sojourn through time. He has crossed spells with the likes of Jolrael, Mangara, and Teferi in his time-what might he accomplish on the ravaged wastes of present-day Dominaria?

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