Sketches: Flayed Nim

Posted in Arcana on October 29, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to this spooky Halloween Special edition of Sketches, in which we dredge the Mephidross of the plane of Mirrodin for some creepy Magic art. This week's Sketches focuses on Trevor Hairsine's metallic ghoul Flayed Nim.

1. Art Description

Here were the instructions given to Trevor Hairsine for the project:

"Location: the Mephidross Swamp.
Action: Show the metallic skeleton of a Nim Zombie. The flesh has rotted off of this zombie.
Mood: Unnatural, ravenous."

2. Sketches

Trevor took that art description and came up with this initial sketch:

The art team had a few issues with the first sketch. For one, although he's awfully thin and has an exposed ribcage, this fellow still has a bit of meat on his arms and legs, and the art description called for complete metallic skeleton. Secondly, the "Nim look" precludes showing any beady eyes like in the above sketch; Nim have plated hoods that come down past their eyes (see Nim Devourer). To fix these issues, Trevor submitted a second sketch:You can see that Trevor definitely had "unnatural, ravenous" in mind here -- we're not just dealing with a necrogen-infected zombie like Nim Lasher or Nim Shrieker, ghoulish as those may be. This was once a Nim, but it's been crawling the thrumming Mephidross swamps for so long that its flesh just gave up and fell away. Clearly this hasn't stopped its gruesome hunger.

3. Final ArtNow we're talking. In this sketch we can see that, even without those plated hoods, Nim may have no eyes. Their metallic skull doesn't even have proper holes for them, just folded metal wrinkles. And now his arms and legs are truly skeletal. Creepy. But there's more creep-show to come.

Here's Flayed Nim's final art.

What a difference the color makes. The skeleton crouches over a bloody, fresh kill. Scraps of reddish meat still hang from its metal joints. Its hands and feet are swiveling, razor-tipped claws. Trick or treat!

4. Card

Finally, here is the card as you can see it in booster packs. Happy Halloween!

Flayed Nim

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