Sliver art gallery 3

Posted in Arcana on March 10, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Monday we looked at Stronghold's multicolored Slivers, and yesterday we focused on Tempest's 2/2 uncommon Slivers. Today we were going to finish out Tempest with a look at the art of the 1/1 commons; unfortunately, not all the commons' art is currently in the art database (no worries; the couple missing ones are around here somewhere, they're just temporarily misplaced).

So in place of Muscle Sliver, Clot Sliver and Metallic Sliver Slivers' art, instead please enjoy the bonus art of Sliver Overlord and of the Legions Sliver token, both by the illustrious Tony Szczudlo.

Heart Sliver by Ron Spencer

Talon Sliver by Mike Raabe

Winged Sliver by Anthony S. Waters

Sliver Overlord by Tony Szczudlo

Sliver token art by Tony Szczudlo

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