Sol Ring

Posted in Arcana on June 1, 2011

By Monty Ashley

When R&D was putting together the five decks that make up Magic: The Gathering Commander, they had a lot of things to keep in mind. A lot of rules, if you will, for making good Commander decks. And one of the most common deckbuilding rules goes like this:

Sol Ring goes in every Commander deck.

Some people modify that rule to allow for people who have more decks than Sol Rings. But we're Wizards of the Coast. We have as many Sol Rings as we want to have. So with that in mind...

A card that is in all five Magic: The Gathering Commander decks!


That's right. Whichever Commander deck you buy, there will be a Sol Ring in it.

They come out on June 17, and the MSRP is $29.99. Our previews of the new cards start on Monday, June 6. We'll see you there!

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