Something old, something new

Posted in Arcana on April 18, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Often times a large expansion will contain repeats of staple cards. For a long time, most large sets included Stone Rain and Dark Ritual, among others. Occasionally, a set will contain a card "functionally identical" to another card, but without the same name, thus making it not a "true" repeat. For example, Barbary Apes is functionally identical to Grizzly Bears.

Below are nine creatures from Mirage. Some of them are "functionally identical" repeats of cards from earlier sets, and some were themselves copied in such a way in later sets. Do you know what each card is called in its "other" incarnation? Click each to find out.

Again, "functionally identical" means the same mana cost, power/toughness, and rules text.

War Mammoth Dusk Imp Samite Healer
Zephyr Falcon Horned Cheetah Drake Hatchling
Razorfoot Griffin Dwarven Warriors Giant Spider

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