Spend Your Summer Selecting Eighth Edition

Posted in Feature on June 6, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Our number one goal here at MagicTheGathering.com is to give all of you a chance to become part of the game you love. We've given you polls to express your opinions. We've started "You Make the Card" to give you a chance to try your hand at designing a Magic card. Today, we begin the next big step in player participation with our newest and most exciting feature, "Spend Your Summer Selecting Eighth Edition". You are now a member of the Eighth Edition development team. Now, you have a say.

Over the next several months, we will be allowing you to vote on several card choices and several art choices at the rate of about one of each per week -- twelve of each in all. In addition, you will get to vote on the art that will appear on the set's basic lands, and also submit flavor text for six cards! How cool will it be to slap down a creature and say, "I wrote that!"?

In order to keep the process fair, you will need to register in order to vote. Your MagicTheGathering.com registration will also allow you to participate in our other great promotions, such as You Make The Card, so make sure and register!

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Card Choices:

Art Choices:

Flavor Text Submissions:

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