A Statement Regarding Recent Community Concerns

Posted in NEWS on October 24, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

With 46 Grand Prix, four Pro Tours, a World Magic Cup, a World Championship, hundreds of Pro Tour Qualifiers, thousands of store-level events, and a large number of community-run premier-level tournaments taking place in 2014, the Magic community is a passionate and busy one. Many of these players demonstrate a strong level of sportsmanship, integrity, and passion.

However, the actions of a few do not reflect the general community’s integrity and sportsmanship. When players in the community reach out to us with these concerns and, where evidence is provided, it is reviewed through an impartial committee of experts.

Participants at events are expected to act with sportsmanlike conduct, and are expected to value the integrity of games that are played. Unsportsmanlike conduct, which includes cheating, is not welcome at any Magic event and violates the Magic Code of Conduct and tournament floor rules.  

We appreciate having a fast-acting, passionate, and active community, with millions of players who value the sportsmanship and integrity expected at the hundreds of thousands of Magic events run globally every year, for bringing these matters to our attention.