Posted in NEWS on March 9, 2014

By Marc Calderaro

Many of us know the heartbreak of losing that last round of A Grand Prix Day 1 to not be invited back Sunday. I mean, not Huey Jensen, because he never loses; and not me, because I'm terrible—but many of you do. If you carpooled with some dirty misers who are competing in Day Two, what is a player to do? Well, that player was in mind during the creation of the Super Sunday Series. Hosted on Grand Prix Sundays across the world, the Super Sunday Series allows every heartbroken player to get a second chance at glory.

Unlike the Grand Prix, the Super Sunday Series does not feed into the Pro Tour point system, but if you win it qualifies you for the Super Sunday Series Championship. Once a year, every qualified player takes a trip to the Wizards of the Coast headquarters in Washington state and competes for a hearty prize pool. The first-ever championship was held last month (read and watch the coverage here). The competitors had such a great time, a third of them said they would rather qualify for this again than a Pro Tour. They got to tour the Wizards of the Coast headquarters and hobnob all day, and at exclusive dinners, with many R&D members. It's pretty awesome.

So how do you qualify? The Super Sunday Series is run as two concurrent tournaments, either Sealed or Standard—pick your poison. Then the top four players from both tournaments create the Top 8 draft pod. The winner of that pod has earned an invite (and the bragging rights over the carpooling buddy who completely scrubbed out of Grand Prix Day Two).

But what if you don't win? I'm glad I asked myself that question. Though the individual prize support is left to the Grand Prix tournament organizer, Wizards provides each organizer with a bevy of prizes for side events, and here, Star City Games has funneled some great goodies here while adding some cool prizes of their own.

Uncut Foil Sheets modeled by Bruce Mills

Players who finish in the top four of either the Sealed or Standard tournament can win prizes like uncut foil sheets of various contemporary expansion sets, the Planeswalker gift box sold exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con, original art for both Spectral Lynx and Phantom Centaur, and complete sets of Born of the Gods.

Planeswalker gift box, again modeled by the wonderful Bruce Mills

These Super Sunday Series tournaments have been huge draws and I can understand why. Who wouldn't want these fabulous prizes and a chance to take a trip to the Magic motherland? The tournament will be going late into tonight (and likely later than the 4,300-player Grand Prix) and will crown one competitor victory, and seven others happy campers.

So next time your deck that uses Lantern of Insight doesn't quite get there on the first day, check out the Super Sunday Series earn back that cred.

(PS – The Lantern of Insight deck, called Top Control, is actually one of the most fun decks around. No actual slight intended to its pilots this weekend; really I just wanted to give it some press.)