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Posted in Arcana on May 8, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

From the name, you might guess that Future Sight's Knight of Sursi hails from a place called Sursi. Although it may sound unfamiliar, Sursi is an actual (albeit obscure) place in Magic continuity. Before Future Sight, the only card ever to mention Sursi is Mesa Pegasus way back in Alpha, in the flavor text:

Mesa Pegasus
Before a woman marries in the village of Sursi, she must visit the land of the Mesa Pegasus. Legend has it that if the woman is pure of heart and her love is true, a Mesa Pegasus will appear, blessing her family with long life and good fortune.

The name "Sursi" describes both a Dominarian plains area and the village located there. The village is near the breeding grounds of the fabled mesa pegasi, the land to which the flavor text of Mesa Pegasus refers. It is also near the Cathedral of Serra, as referenced in a Legends card, a place of worship built to honor Serra and her angels.

In other obscure Sursi lore, the only portal to Ulgrotha (setting of the Homelands expansion) on Dominaria was once located near the village of Sursi. It is likely long gone now, due to a number of apocalypses that have afflicted Dominaria in the intervening times. But according to our records, the method to use the gate was quite specific:

In the cold waters of a deep lake near Sursi lie three menhir stones stacked to form a doorway. If one were to pass through that doorway when the Mist Moon were full and there were snow on the ground, then one would find oneself shortly thereafter in the Koskun Mountains.

A menhir stone is a large monolith or standing stone. The Koskun Mountains, depicted below on the card Koskun Falls, are a tall Ulgrothan range rich in coal and stock metals. Koskun Keep can be found there, a fortress of goblin and orc clans ruled by Eron the Relentless.

Koskun Falls Art of Koskun Falls by Rob Alexander

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