The Sword from Pendelhaven

Posted in Arcana on May 7, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Sword of the Meek might look familiar.

As you may have read in Magic Arcana #1294, the same sword is depicted in the art of both Krosan Grip and Return to Dust from Time Spiral.

Future Sight's Sword of the Meek solves the puzzle of how the same sword can be "disenchanted" multiple times.

Check out the art—you'll see that Franz Vohwinkel illustrated that same sword yet again for a piece of equipment that has the power to come back from the graveyard.

Sword of the Meek Sword of the Meek art by Franz Vohwinkel

The weapon grants a Pendelhaven-like +1/+2 enhancement and has a Pendelhaven-like affinity for 1/1 creatures. Who first bore this sword? Why, it's Pendelhaven protector Jacques Le Vert.

Jacques Le Vert
Abandoning his sword to return to the lush forest of Pendelhaven, Jacques le Vert devoted his life to protecting the creatures of his homeland.

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