Tall Angels

Posted in Arcana on February 26, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Angel may be the most popular and most iconic white creature type. We've received more than one request at ask@wizards.com for large art of some of some of the splashy Angels from recent sets, and as we dug around in the database for some Angel art, we discovered something interesting.

Angel art is tall.

Of course, the color white is the champion of all that is just and righteous, and so the natural mode of illustrating an angelic white paragon of these virtues is with a lot of verticality. Unfortunately, while the art box of Magic cards has grown in size with the recent change in card face, it's still a mostly horizontal rectangle. What's an art director to do?

Not much to do but crop, and frown.

But lucky you: you clicked on Magic Arcana today, so you get to see a few of these screen-dominating Angels in all their glory.

Prepare to scroll, folks.

rk post's Angel of Retribution from Torment

Ron Spears' Akroma, Angel of Wrath from Legions

Platinum Angel
Brom's Platinum Angel from Mirrodin

Pristine Angel
Scott M. Fischer's Pristine Angel from Darksteel

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