Tenth Edition's Impactful Impact

Posted in Arcana on July 11, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Sudden Impact, finding its way back inside black borders in Tenth Edition this weekend for the first time since Tempest, has had a lot of different illustrations through the years.

It gets yet another facelift for Tenth Edition, this time under the hand of master artist Wayne Reynolds. The concept for the card has been brought more in line with the savagery and impulse of the color red. Check out the art description provided to Wayne Reynolds for the project:

Color: Red Spell
Location: Not important
Action: We see the head and shoulders of a blue-aligned mage reeling forward, as if struck in the back of the head by an invisible baseball bat. His expression is that of sudden, horrible agony, and his face is cracked like crumbling brickwork, smoke from the mind-blast seeps from between the cracks.
Focus: The stricken mage
Mood: Magical blunt-force trauma

Alrighty then! Let's see the sketch-to-final process. Click the links below the image to see the piece move from sketch stage to its final art.

Color sketch
Raw scan

Sudden Impact art by Wayne Reynolds

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