Tenth Edition's Tips, Tricks, & Tokens

Posted in Arcana on June 18, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

At Magic Game Day you'll see that there are sixteen thin, rectangular objects inside every Tenth Edition booster pack: fifteen Magic cards, and a bonus card.

Just like the usual fifteen, these bonus cards are random; you might get any one of them every time you rip a pack. Some of the bonus cards are informational "tips & tricks" cards that explain more about Magic. Some of them spill the beans on some of the combos available in the Tenth Edition set.

And still others are all-new token cards with original art by Magic's top artists. Each of these tokens is usable with one or more token-generating cards in the Tenth set.

Three of the Tenth Edition token cards

Rip open a booster of Tenth, get some black-bordered goodness. Maybe open a tips & tricks card for your buddy who's just learning. And maybe crack a token card for yourself. Will you and your friend have a great time at Magic Game Day? The odds are excellent.

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