Theros Championship Winners

Posted in NEWS on January 27, 2014

By Clayton Kroh

    Congratulations to the Theros Championship Winners!

Player stainerson claimed the winner's title in the Constructed competition. Game one saw stainerson's mono-black devotion deck face off against jp0822's black/white midrange deck. jp0822 took the early advantage as his Sin Collector and kill spells gave him a strong board position. stainerson fought back with multiple removal spells of his own, while attacking with a Nightveil Specter followed by a Desecration Demon. jp0822 eventually found a Detention Sphere to neutralize the Demon, but stainerson's Underworld Connection generated additional threats which overwhelmed jp0822's removal attempts to win game one.

Game two saw stainerson's Thoughtseize take jp0822's Obzedat, Ghost Council, and then Pharika's Cure killed a Lyev Skyknight. stainerson played a turn-four Underworld Connections, which fueled a barrage of discard and removal spells. stainerson's first Desecration Demon was killed by jp0822's Ultimate Price, but his second Desecration Demon earned stainerson the victory in the Theros Constructed Championship!

Check out how the Constructed match-ups played out from quarterfinals to the finals, and stainerson's winning decklist.

Player bobbie1706 battled to the top position in the Limited format. In game one, bobbie1706's black/white deck created a 4/3 flier with a Scourgemark on a Wingsteed Rider. RMVP tried a Lightning Strike to kill the Rider, but bobbie1706 cast a Dauntless Onslaught to grow the Rider. RMVP was out of answers and the Wingsteed Rider took game one.

In game two, bobbie1706 started off strong with plays on turns two through five. RMVP cast a Stymied Hopes on bobbie1706's turn-two Setessan Battle Priest. Bobbie1706 followed up with a Blood-Toll Harpy, a Wingsteed Rider and a Gray Merchant of Asphodel. With RMVP stalled on three lands, bobbie1706 took the game and the match with a Cutthroat Maneuver to win the Theros Limited Championship!

Check out how the Limited match-ups played out from quarterfinals to the finals, and bobbie1706's winning decklist.

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Championship Dates
  • Standard Preliminaries: April 9 - 15
  • Standard Finals: April 19
  • Limited Preliminaries: April 16 - 22
  • Limited Finals: April 27

Winners' Decklists

stainerson (1st Place)

Download Arena Decklist

bobbie1706 (1st Place)

Download Arena Decklist