Those Withering and Baleful Eyes

Posted in Arcana on July 25, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

When the blue color-hosing sorceries Baleful Stare and Withering Gaze needed new art for their Ninth Edition appearance, Randy Gallegos got the call. Since the two spells' effects were so symmetrical, so were their art descriptions -- a matched pair of card-art bookends.

As you can see, Randy created similar compositions for the cards. He maintained the same (but reversed) the sweep of color in each: the leafy vines in Withering Gaze, rocky mountains in Baleful Stare. And in the center he put the same blue wizard with her piercing eyes -- those eyes that peer right into a green or red mage's soul.

Withering Gaze and Baleful Stare art by Randy Gallegos

That blue wizard has some disdainful things to say about her enemy colors; check out the cards' new Ninth Edition flavor text.

Withering Gaze
Baleful Stare

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