Time Counter Counters

Posted in Arcana on August 30, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Cards like Clockspinning, Paradox Haze, Dust of Moments, and Rift Elemental are great cards in the Time Spiral Block for manipulating time counters. And there are plenty of ways to abuse them: speed up your Greater Gargadon, slow down the vanishing of Waning Wurm or Reality Acid, keep bad things Delay or hasten Jhoira of the Ghitu.


Dust of Moments
Rift Elemental

However, there are a couple of cards outside of the Time Spiral Block that you might consider for your time-counter-manipulation decks.

Tourach's Gate

Keep Tourach's Gate in play without having to sacrifice any Thrulls!

Infinite Hourglass

Load up Infinite Hourglass with counters faster than your opponents can remove them!

Time Bomb

And our personal favorite: charge up a ticking Time Bomb to blow the board (and any players at low life totals) to smithereens.

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