Time Spiral Theme Decks

Posted in Arcana on September 21, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

They’re ready-to-play, 60-card decks. They explore major themes of Time Spiral. They involve exactly zero muss, fuss, or waiting. They’re the Time Spiral theme decks, and today you get a good, long look at their packaging and themes. Want one, or all four? They hit shelves when Time Spiral releases, October 6th.

Fun with Fungus /
Thallids are sentient, mobile fungus creatures that share a symbiotic relationship with saprolings. Thallids do exactly two things: spread and consume. Aided by Thelon of Havenwood, they’re doing both quite well. In the wake of an apocalypse, what would thrive better than mold?

Hope’s Crusaders
Dominaria is rubble. The coalition army was demolished in the apocalypse. Paranoia runs high and lawlessness abounds. And yet something noble stirs. Pride. Power. Might. An ever-growing band of defiant survivors have joined together to fight for the one thing they value most: hope.

Reality Fracture /
The problem with temporal disasters is you never know when the fallout will appear. Urza’s botched time experiments happened hundreds of years ago, but the ripples they left in the time stream—including storm and suspend—are tearing apart the fabric of reality right about . . . now.

Sliver Evolution / /
The new generation is here! Slivers are resilient, adaptable, vicious predators ruled by a hive mind. Revived by researchers after the apocalypse, they quickly mutated out of control, and now they rampage unchecked across the devastated landscape. Join them—after all, slivers love to share.

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