Tolaria West

Posted in Arcana on May 30, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Modern-day Dominaria is showing signs of recovery from its apocalypse-scarred and time-rift-tormented past. Pockets of civilization have begun to Dakmor Salvage. Signs of life have Magus of the Vineyard the once-inert wasteland. And one of the best places to look for some of these attempts at recovery is on Future Sight cards.

The island of Tolaria was not in great shape the last time the storyline focused on it. Even centuries before the events of the Time Spiral Block, fallout from Urza's dangerous time-travel experiments caused time storms to ravage the island. The Academy recovered, but later, during the events of the Invasion Block, the mage Barrin cast the Obliterate spell that left the island a ruin.

Tolarian Academy Tolarian Academy art by Stephen Daniele
The Tolarian Academy was founded on the remote island of Tolaria by Urza and Barrin.
Sunder Sunder art by Stephen Daniele
The Academy was ravaged by temporal disaster during the Urza's Saga storyline.
No Mercy No Mercy art by Mark Tedin
The Academy was afflicted by pockets of time that flow at irregular speeds, including this one in which Phyrexian horrors evolve much faster than the lands around it. Bad news for Dominaria.
Obliterate Obliterate art by Kev Walker
In an act that punished both Urza and the Phyrexians that plagued the island, Barrin made a funeral pyre of Tolaria.
Academy Ruins Academy Ruins art by Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai
Since the events of the Invasion Block, Tolaria has been mostly forgotten.

But there may yet be life in the institution today, even centuries later. On a tiny island in a region of Dominaria known as the Spice Isles, lore of an ancient school devoted to magical research has surfaced. Contemporary scholars of magic have built a new academy in honor of these ancient whispers, and have begun their own research there. It remains to be seen whether Tolaria West will re-create the achievements of the first island named Tolaria – or its tragedies.

Tolaria West Art of Tolaria West by Khang Le

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