Top 10 Coolest Cards from Magic 2014

Posted in NEWS on June 16, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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With just one week left until we start previews for Magic 2015 , it seemed like a good time to take one last nostalgic look back at Magic 2014 before it's replaced by the equally, if not more, awesome newest iteration of the core set.

And what better way to do that than to take a look at the Ten Coolest Magic 2014 cards, as decided by R&D long, long ago?

You see, every set gets a Player's Guide that, among other features, contains a list written by a designer or developer of the coolest cards in the set. Player's Guides can be found in Fat Packs, and the Magic 2015 Player's Guide will again look at the coolest cards from that set.

For Magic 2014 , Ian Duke, a developer, wrote about the coolest cards in the set. With a year's perspective behind us, we can take a look back and see how right—or how wrong!—Ian and company were about the coolest cards in the core set.

So how did we do picking the coolest cards? Is there something we missed? Something that was way cooler than anything on this list? Anything that doesn't belong? Let us know with the hashtag

#MTGTop10, and then get ready for a whole new batch of cool cards coming with Magic 2015 .

Here are the cards, in order, and what Ian had to say at the time.

1. Chandra, Pyromaster

Chandra blazes onto the scene with all-new abilities. She makes toast out of small creatures and would-be blockers. On top of that, Chandra draws you more cards in a uniquely red style. Then she finishes opponents off with a scorching fan of burn spells.

2. Garruk, Caller of Beasts

Garruk's first two abilities can bring reinforcements to your hand and can summon a colossal monster straight onto the battlefield. His ultimate ability is his most exciting yet, matching each creature spell you cast with the best tin your library.

3. Archangel of Thune

Enemies will tremble before the light of this powerful Angel. This champion bolsters the strength of your army while restoring life with every attack. By combining her with other cards that gain life, you'll have an unstoppable force in no time.

4. Battle Sliver

Slivers are back!" Battle Sliver is a particularly exciting specimen, turning all of your Slivers into offensive powerhouses. When you combine it with Slivers that grant abilities like first strike, nothing wills stand up to your Sliver swarm.

5. Mutavault

Lands that can double as creatures have always been powerful, and Mutavault is no exception. Because it gains all creature types when animated, it also fits perfectly into decks with Slivers or other cards that care about creature types.

6. Shadowborn Demon

This deadly Demon has an immediate impact, destroying your opponent's best creature. And as a massive 5-power flier, Shadowborn Demon demands a fast answer. The Demon does prefer a well-stocked graveyard, but that's nothing a clever necromancer can't handle.

7. Scavenging Ooze

Scavenging Ooze does everything a green deck needs. It's a great early attacker that grows into a late game monster. The Ooze gains you life when you need it, and it works great against decks that rely on the graveyard.

8. Elite Arcanist

What's more fun than casting powerful spells? Casting them over and over again! Share your vast arcane knowledge by teaching the Arcanist one of your favorite spells and he'll return the favor tenfold."

9. Xathrid Necromancer

If you don't mind his...questionable means, Xathrid Necromancer can bring your Humans back from the dead as Zombies to fight again. And since Humans appear in all five colors, the deck possibilities are endless.

10. Predatory Sliver

This combat-enhancing Sliver is a great card to start with when building a Sliver deck. What Sliver army couldn't use a little extra size? The best part is that the bonuses add up if you have multiple" Predatory Slivers.