April 9, 2015

Posted in Top 25 on April 9, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to our latest look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings. The wait is over, and the chances of this Top 25 being in the same places next week are, as the saying goes, slim and none—and slim's out of town. That can mean only one thing for No. 1 Owen Turtenwald and his fellow ranked players—it's Pro Tour time. The Belgian city of Brussels is all set to play host to the latest chapter of the Player of the Year Race, currently headed by No. 2 Lee Shi Tian. If he does go on to claim the title, he will be able to look back on a stellar run of Pro Tour form that has seen him claim three Top 8s in what seems like the blink of an eye.

While the rankings will always reflect the greatness of the now over the greatness of the then—this isn't a competition to find the Best of All Time—the strength in depth of these modern gladiators is startling. You can look at a Pro Tour Champion in Alexander Hayne of Canada—he barely makes it on to the leaderboard, at No. 24. One spot ahead of him is former Player of the Year Josh Utter-Leyton. Japan may not be quite the dominant force it was in the mid-2000s, but in Kentaro Yamamoto and Yuuki Ichikawa (No. 22 and No. 21 respectively) they have a pair that can tangle with the very best round after round.

Look a little further up the board and you find the Czech pair of Martin Juza (No. 19) and Stanislav Cifka (No. 20), and those two in turn have above them the Player of the Year Jeremy Dezani at No.18, Brazil's Willy Edel (four Pro Tour Top 8s, No. 17), and Hall of Famer Ben Stark (No. 16). This is the calibre of player that will be jockeying for position down the stretch in Brussels. For full details, as the world of the Top 25 gets shaken upside down all over again, join us next week!

And be sure to keep up with all the action from Brussels! The coverage page provides a great one-stop source for all the coverage options.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Owen Turtenwald 74.96 1
2 Lee Shi Tian 70.76 2
3 Eric Froehlich 66.06 3
4 Ivan Floch 64.18 4
5 Ari Lax 63.64 5
6 Shaun McLaren 62.79 6
7 Shahar Shenhar 61.06 7
8 William Jensen 60.89 8
9 Samuel Black 60.11 9
10 Yuuya Watanabe 59.45 10
11 Reid Duke 58.62 11
12 Jacob Wilson 58.42 12
13 Seth Manfield 53.66 13
14 Paul Rietzl 51.11 14
15 Andrew Cuneo 49.35 15
16 Ben Stark 48.74 16
17 Willy Edel 48.69 17
18 Jérémy Dezani 48.40 18
18 Martin Jůza 48.40 18
20 Stanislav Cifka 47.50 20
21 Yuuki Ichikawa 47.42 21
22 Kentaro Yamamoto 46.06 22
23 Josh Utter-Leyton 45.79 23
24 Alexander Hayne 43.74 24
25 Christian Calcano 42.98 25

Dropped from rankings: NONE

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