August 20, 2015

Posted in Top 25 on August 20, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Last week, we mentioned that there was a double-header of Grand Prix goodness coming your way, in London and Detroit. One thing we failed to mention, however, was that GP Detroit was a Team GP. And that's relevant this week, since the results from Detroit were the very definition of what you want when someone suggests to you that Magic—being a card game and all—must be about luck. Regular readers will know that nobody gets into the Top 25 by accident, but team play takes things to a whole new level. There were ranked players in all four of the Top 4 teams in Detroit. No. 13-ranked Shahar Shenhar finished 4th, alongside Matt Costa and Brock Parker. No. 10-ranked Owen Turtenwald and No. 23-ranked William Jensen finished in 3rd with Reid Duke. Jacob Wilson, ranked No. 6 this week, barely won a match all weekend—but that was just fine, because his teammates (Matt Nass and Sam Pardee) won plenty, and they ended up with the trophy.

And then there was the team that finished 2nd. Hall of Fame pro Luis Scott-Vargas sat alongside Hall of Fame pro Ben Stark (No. 18) and Hall of Fame-elect Eric Froehlich. Although they lost the final, the second-place finish was enough to take Froehlich back to the No. 1 spot in the world rankings, just in time for the World Championship at PAX Prime a week from now. Between the twelve players involved in the Detroit Top 4 teams, there were 125 Grand Prix Top 8s. It was truly one for the ages.

In comparison to Detroit, the Standard fare at Grand Prix London was fairly, well, standard. Two of our Top 25 took part, and both were gearing up toward the World Championship. Ondřej Stráský of the Czech Republic was the only player on 13-2 to miss out on the Top 8 on tiebreaks, but his four Pro Points lifted him four spots to No. 11. Also playing was Brad Nelson, alongside the other StarCityGames stars from across the Atlantic. Well in contention at 11-2, he fell away to end in 44th place. That's good for most players, but Brad is very possibly the best Standard player on land or sea right now, and he'll be disappointed not to have pushed deeper into the tournament.

So, there's a new World No. 1, and while Mike Sigrist will always be the Player of the Year for 2014-2015, it's Eric Froehlich who once again stands proudly on top of the pile. Join us next week for more from the home of the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Eric Froehlich 73.06 +1 2
2 Mike Sigrist 70.97 -1 1
3 Paul Rietzl 61.55 3
4 Seth Manfield 61.51 +2 6
5 Lee Shi Tian 61.39 -1 4
6 Jacob Wilson 60.76 +5 11
7 Ari Lax 60.51 +2 9
8 Samuel Black 60.39 -3 5
9 Brad Nelson 59.47 -2 7
10 Owen Turtenwald 57.72 +3 13
11 Ondrej Strasky 57.68 +4 15
12 Yuuya Watanabe 57.55 -4 8
13 Shahar Shenhar 56.76 +4 17
14 Shaun McLaren 55.60 -4 10
15 Joel Larsson 54.64 -3 12
16 Josh Utter-Leyton 53.80 +4 20
17 Steve Rubin 53.72 -4 13
18 Ben Stark 52.97 +7 25
19 Alexander Hayne 52.84 +2 21
19 Matthew Sperling 52.84 -3 16
21 Andrew Cuneo 51.76 -3 18
21 Antonio Del Moral Leon 51.76 -3 18
23 William Jensen 50.05 NR
24 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 49.89 -1 23
25 Kentaro Yamamoto 49.84 -4 21

Dropped from rankings: Jason Chung

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