January 7, 2016

Posted in Top 25 on January 7, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast


Second, Manfield.

Bronze medal, Rietzl.

Fourth place, five names.

Vegas master next, Eric Froehlich.

Sam Black is back, at six.

Rocketing up the list, Martin Müller seventh.

Player of the Year Mike Sigrist is eighth.

Ninth is PT Champion and Canadian standout Alexander Hayne.

Stráský rounds out the Top 10, from the Czech Republic.

Back to Canada, and part-time student Jacob Wilson is at eleven.

Twelve takes us to Japan for the first time, and Yuuya Watanabe.

Spain has a Pro Tour Champion from last season, Antonio Del Moral León.

Shahar. Israeli. Good. That's what they say, and Shenhar sits in thirteenth place.

Chasing down the two-time World Champion is a Worlds finalist, ever-popular Reid Duke.

Brad Nelson is one of the most hard-working men in Magic, and he's in sixteenth place.

Seventeen takes us to Hong Kong with Lee Shi Tian, he of the four PT Top 8s.

England can claim just one of the Top 25, but he's a rising star: Fabrizio Anteri at eighteen.

Steve Rubin is back inside the Top 20 as we start 2016, with Worlds in his sights this year again.

Now we have our third Canadian: the ultimate lone-wolf testing team, guaranteeing no arguments and great decks, Shaun McLaren.

PVDDR may have the initials everyone knows, but Thiago Saporito has been world-class for a while, and is now at 21.

The 22nd spot goes to the list's lone Swede. For many newer Magic fans, Brian Kibler is now the American Joel Larsson.

Back to Japan, and more Pro Tour Championship hardware for the mantelpiece—Kazuyuki Takimura doesn't have superstar status yet, but it could happen.

Fans of white weenie decks rejoice—your standard-bearer (and Standard-, Modern-, and Legacy-bearer, too) is Craig Wescoe, and he starts 2016 in 24th place.

Rounding out the table, and accurately reflecting the phenomenal rise of Danish Magic over the last eighteen months, is Martin Dang, after a PT-winning year.

So that's it, another year gone and another year begun. The Top 25 rankings will be in a new spot on DailyMTG next week, so be sure to check back and see the new look.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Owen Turtenwald 75.83 1
2 Seth Manfield 74.64 2
3 Paul Rietzl 64.08 3
4 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 63.59 4
5 Eric Froehlich 62.80 5
6 Samuel Black 61.32 6
7 Martin Müller 58.06 7
8 Mike Sigrist 57.92 8
9 Alexander Hayne 57.15 9
10 Ondřej Stráský 55.39 10
11 Jacob Wilson 55.27 11
12 Yuuya Watanabe 55.08 12
13 Antonio Del Moral León 54.27 13
13 Shahar Shenhar 54.27 13
15 Reid Duke 53.35 15
16 Brad Nelson 53.20 16
17 Lee Shi Tian 52.32 17
18 Fabrizio Anteri 52.06 18
19 Steve Rubin 51.83 19
20 Shaun McLaren 50.52 20
21 Thiago Saporito 50.47 21
22 Joel Larsson 49.95 22
23 Kazuyuki Takimura 49.14 23
24 Craig Wescoe 48.79 24
25 Martin Dang 46.67 25

Dropped from rankings: NONE

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