Top 25 Rankings, July 24, 2014

Posted in Top 25 on July 24, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

The waiting is almost over, as we head toward the final three events of the Magic season. As we do so, let's take one more look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings. Locked in battle at the top of the standings, as they now seem certain to be in Portland next week, Jérémy Dezani and Reid Duke have both put together stellar seasons. Only one can emerge as Player of the Year, however, and one of the most important questions of the next seven days is whether Reid will attend Grand Prix Boston-Worcester in a bid to get ahead of Dezani. The Frenchman is already Stateside, having travelled with fellow Pro Tour Theros finalist Pierre Dagen. Frankly, for Europeans already en route to the Pro Tour, making a stop to play Modern this weekend makes a fair amount of sense.

For a lot of the homegrown pros, however, a four-day there-and-back ride across the country represents a huge chunk taken out of Pro Tour testing time, and Portland really isn't the time to go in underprepared. A similar decision awaits the Asian members of the pro fraternity. Lee Shi Tian is delaying his departure for the PT in order to compete at Grand Prix Chinese Taipei this weekend, and we have to imagine a bunch of MTG Mintcard teammates doing the same thing. Will jetlag play a part in Portland?

In any case, Taipei and Boston-Worcester will be the penultimate chapter in our rankings story for this season. What will the top of the table look like heading into Pro Tour Magic 2015? Join us right here next week to find out.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Reid Duke 72.68 1
2 Jeremy Dezani 72.39 2
3 Stanislav Cifka 55.74 3
4 Josh Utter-Leyton 54.98 4
5 Owen Turtenwald 54.48 5
6 Tom Martell 52.46 6
7 Yuuya Watanabe 52.36 7
8 Shaun McLaren 52.15 8
9 Patrick Chapin 49.98 9
10 Samuel Black 49.81 10
11 Paul Rietzl 49.76 11
12 Lee Shi Tian 48.27 12
13 Ben Stark 47.15 13
14 Jared Boettcher 46.36 14
15 Shahar Shenhar 45.74 15
16 Alexander Hayne 45.70 16
17 Chris Fennell 45.55 17
18 Josh McClain 44.57 18
19 Jacob Wilson 43.70 19
20 Eric Froehlich 43.36 20
21 William Jensen 43.26 21
22 Kentaro Yamamoto 42.26 22
23 Sung Wook Nam 42.00 23
24 Raphael Levy 41.86 24
25 Shuhei Nakamura 40.79 25

Dropped from rankings: None

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