Posted in NEWS on March 30, 2014

By Event Coverage Staff

Lars Dam

Hometown: Gentofte, Denmark
Occupation: Poker Player

When did you start playing Magic?
At age fifteen. My brother started collecting a bit before I got into it. My first deck was a forty-card blue-red land destruction deck with Phantasmal Terrain and Stone Rain.

When did you start playing Magic Online?
I don't remember exactly when it was introduced, but I started playing with a friend a few months after it launched (IPA and OTJ drafts). We had the highest Limited rating on Magic Online at one point back then (different account than the one I'm using now).

Favorite format to play and why?
Team Rochester Draft, then Team Sealed. Most fun and skill-intensive formats. Drafts aren't bad, either, and I enjoy regular Sealed too. Haven't really liked Standard since the focus shift to all midrange creature decks. Modern is fine since there is enough variation to make it interesting.

What does your normal day of Magic look like?
Play Release Events or draft. I'm pretty conscious about playing the higher events that don't require me to spend eight or more hours at a time, although drafts aren't great but they are fast, which is nice.

What is your favorite Magic card and why?
Winter Orb and Rising Waters; I like breaking the symmetry of the cards. For Limited, it would be Imagecrafter and Tidal Visionary; both are really nice and tricky to play with and against.

How are you preparing for the Magic OnlineChampionship? Who are you practicing with?
I'm watching some twitch streams and drafting; that's all I have done so far. I will probably start playing some Constructed in the last week up to the event.

What is your spirit animal?
Animal story: I once had five puppies. I had to move them out of my house during a draft because of a wild snake's sudden appearance. I can't draft and catch snakes at the same time as watching puppies. So I put the puppies in a box and ran next door with them then back and finished drafting while I made sure the snake didn't make further progress into the house. Then during deck building the snake and I agreed it was better for the snake to be outside again and the puppies had grown tired of sitting in a box so they got back home. I won that draft but I don't think I'm associating myself in particular with an animal while playing Magic. :)

Tamás Glied

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Occupation: Professional Magic Player

Where did you or are you going to school?
After I finished my high school I went to university, but I want to become a Magic pro, so now I'll give it a try for a year.

When did you start playing Magic?
When I was around twelve (2007), I played with my classmate, and I went to a local store. I started taking Magic seriously after my first Nationals, which I made Top 8 when I was fifteen.

What other Magic results do you have?
We made Top 4 at the first World Magic Cup with team Hungary. Two GP Top 16. PT Top 75 and two times Top 50. I have two Top 8s at Nationals, too.

Favorite format to play and why?
My favorite formats are any kind of Limited. The only one I dislike is Cube, because it's not a competitive format.

What guild are you?

What is your biggest Magic weakness?
I hate losing. I just feel very desperate when I lose, so I try to avoid it. I have kinda limited time to make big progress with my career in Magic, then I have quite the pressure.

What would winning the Magic Online Championship mean to you?
Everything. I mean my dream would come true.

What format do you think you will do BEST at and why?
Theros Block Draft, I went 5–1 at PT Born of the Gods, and made Top 16 at GP Barcelona, so I'm prepared.

What is your spirit animal?

Cory J. Lack

Hometown: Boston, MA
Occupation: Substitute Teacher

When did you start playing Magic Online?
About a month after I started Magic itself. Going to school in Vermont meant that if I wanted to play in anything larger than an FNM, I'd need to go up to Montreal or trek back to Boston. I'd also heard the best players could be found on Magic Online, and for as long as I can remember, if I wanted to do something, I wanted to be good at it. And I wanted to be good at Magic, so I signed up for Magic Online.

What other Magic results do you have?
I won the Vermont State Championship in 2012! Other than that, I don't really have any accomplishments playing paper Magic. I've only played in two (I think) Grand Prix, and only a couple PTQs as well. I like playing paper Magic, but the places I've lived since starting the game require traveling, and having done it for Yu-Gi-Oh for four years, I'd become tired of it.
On Magic Online, I've Top 8ed three of the PTQs, the most recent being the Modern Masters one held in September. Prior to winning the Cube Sealed MOCS, I'd Top 4ed the Standard one in February with a really awesome WBR deck that I called Surgeon Generals. The name came from the main-deck Gloom Surgeons and a variety of legendary creatures. Good times.

What is your BEST format and why?
I'm gonna go with Pauper, even though it's not the same as it used to be. I think it's a really fascinating format and I think it's a shame it's not given more attention. The design of commons is so drastically different than in years past, and seeing them all played together makes for some interesting and powerful stuff. However, I was incredibly upset when Temporal Fissure was banned instead of Cloud of Faeries, as Temporal Fissure isn't the piece of the puzzle generating infinite mana and allowing you to draw your entire deck. It's frustrating, because it felt like a kneejerk decision, when, conceptually, Pauper is a great format that a lot of people love. It's one of the reasons I became interested in Magic Online in the first place, and it's also one of the few formats exclusive to the program. Sorry if I'm standing on a soapbox here, but it's my favorite format and I'd love to see it flourish.

What is your favorite card?
Richard Garfield, Ph.D. I'd play Mental Magic on Magic Online non-stop if possible.

What thought ran through your head as soon as you realized you were going to the Magic Online Championship?
It was a slow burn, but eventually I was ecstatic. It felt like I'd completely justified my decision to play Magic in the first place.

How are you preparing for the Magic Online Championship? Who are you practicing with?
I'm still just testing with the same friends I've been playing with for years. We're all pals, and I trust their input. I think testing with people with whom you've built a rapport is more effective than testing with people who are technically "better."

What is one fact about you that might surprise people?
I'm the guy who made the @SeinfeldMagic account.

What is your spirit animal?

Dmitriy Butakov

Age: 25
Hometown: Barnaul, Russia
Occupation: Professional Gamer

What is your favorite format to play and why?

I really liked the Momir Basic format and mourn for Momir Dailies. Despite one of three games where either you or your opponent is a victim of circumstances, the other two usually provide a unique situation with lots of variables. Momir was not good for preparing for any other format, but it was great to train your abilities to evaluate your resources and the board (no matter how big the board is) and to stay focused for the entire game

What other Magic results do you have?

GP Valencia Top 8, 2013 World Championship 9th, 2012 MOCS champion.

What does your normal day of Magic Online look like?

I play all of the Constructed Dailies for the period of four to ten hours (depends on my other plans and schedule) five days a week, when there is a pause between rounds I try to do something to clear my mind—doing exercises, cooking, or reading

What thought ran through your head as soon as you realized you were going to the MOCS?

Now I have a good reason to visit some USA GPs.

What is your favorite Magic card and why?

Gifts Ungiven. That card rewards good plays and punishes bad ones both for you and your opponent.

How big is your family?

I'm the only child and have no children yet, but I have a lot of relatives in Siberia

What is one fact about you that might surprise people?

I live in Siberia.

What is your spirit animal?