Posted in NEWS on March 23, 2014


5. Nyxborn Shieldmate

It may not be the most splashy card, but again and again throughout the weekend, the unassuming 1/2 carried its weight. A cheap bestow card in the color with the most, the cheapest, and the best heroic creatures proved a crucial element in many white decks. The strength of the heroic strategy lies in the number of good options, not just at the top of the pick order but also further down.


4. Sudden Storm

The aptly named Sudden Storm was indeed responsible for many a sudden turnaround in a lot of games over the course of the tournament. One second, big monsters or bestowed and counter-clad heroes were barreling down on a seemingly defenseless opponent, and in the next moment, those same creatures stood idly by while said opponent won the damage race after all. Such was the power of the perfect Storm.


3. Fall of the Hammer

Widely considered the best red removal spell in the set, Fall of the Hammer often pulls double duty, killing stuff and triggering heroic abilities at the same time. The cheap price of two mana is a definite bargain here, especially when compared to its more clunky cousin Bolt of Keranos and instant speed is just gravy.


2. Prophet of Kruphix

Jérémy Dezani called the Prophet the best card in his second draft deck and it certainly was among the best cards in Robert Jurkovic's Top 8 draft deck. And with the introduction of the inspired mechanic in Born of the Gods, the Prophet learned some new tricks as well. While it doesn't grant any additional untaps, it does untap things like Pheres-Band Tromper at a more convenient time and the extra mana certainly comes in handy for cards like Aerie Worshippers.


1. Phalanx Leader

Phalanx Leader was triggered three times in the first game of the final and single-handedly— err, in combination with other creatures and targeted spells won that game for eventual champion Aniol Alcaraz. Alcaraz's deck also featured Spear of Heliod for indiscriminate group boosting, but when looking at the power of Phalanx Leader, even the mighty weapon of the Gods pales in comparison.