Posted in NEWS on April 13, 2014

By Event Coverage Staff

5. Gray Merchant of Asphodel

The cornerstone of two different Reid Duke draft decks, including the Top 8 deck that brought him to the finals, Gray Merchant has lost a little luster in limited since the introduction of Born of the Gods. But when it works, it works. Duke wasn't the only one to harness the power of "Gary," but he certainly showed us just why it was dangerous to let the undead merchant have his way.


4. Nessian Asp

It's no secret that Nessian Asp is one of the most intimidating creatures in the format, sealed or draft. This common beater could serve as a monstrously offensive attacker or a defensive stopper pretty much without peer. Reid Duke rode his copy of the 4/5 snake all the way to the finals and, quite frankly, if he had seen one in that match we might be crowning him instead. But without the snake reaching for the clouds, Duke fell to a bevy of flying creatures out of Skarren's deck. Next time, better get an Asp.


3. Reap What Is Sown

Top 8 competitor Adam Mancuso took this card pack one, pick one because it's just that good. Distributing three +1/+1 counters for a small investment is good enough already, but in a format full of Heroic Creatures, targeting three different creatures for three mana can be a complete blowout. Less revered in Sealed, Reap What Is Sown is pretty much THE reason to be in green-white, and one of the best ways to spend three mana in the format, period.


2. Sudden Storm

Among other noteworthy contributions to the top decks on the day, Sudden Storm carried Christian Calcano to a perfect 9-0 in day 1, and also helped him go 2-1 and 2-0-1 in his drafts. Sudden Storm is reminiscent of Frost Breath, which was very powerful in M13 limited, and it delivers the same or greater value in this format. Quite often in Theros block sealed and draft one or two large creatures are the only ones on the table thanks to Bestow. Sudden Storm allows a player to either push through two "free" combat phases to win the game, or buy time to stabilize and dig their way out of an unfavorable board state.

1. Noble Quarry

We have officially entered the Age of the Unicorn. Skarren rode his Noble Quarry to victory over Reid Duke in the finals of Grand Prix Philadelphia, and the eye-catching unicorn brought more than a few players into Day 2 as well. Unicorns have long been considered good omens, and the gods smiled favorably on Skarren and many others that played this card this weekend. Noble Quarry is a strong option when Bestowed, granting some green decks the ability to kill smaller creatures easily, but is also very strong when cast for four mana as a lure that grants its controller a free combat phase.